Dom Perignon   Dom Perignon Oenotheque

1982 Dom Perignon Oenotheque

By Dom Perignon

1982 Dom Perignon Oenothèque from Dom Perignon

On the journey of the esteemed 1982 vintage from Dom Perignon Oenothèque, one finds a perfect encapsulation of an era and a place. Crafted in Champagne’s most hallowed confines, this exemplifier of Dom Perignon's technical brilliance encapsulates the perfect union of climatic conditions and human ingenuity that defined the 1982 vintage with an intricate harmony.


The Unveiling of an Exception

Known as the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove,' the 1982 Dom Perignon Oenothèque wields an unflinching strength deftly concealed by its winsome elegance. It is this paradoxical character, courtesy of an exceptional terroir nurtured by a remarkable vintage, that marks it as a beacon for fine wine investors.

From the first pour, it captivates, displaying an effulgence reminiscent of a sun-touched morning dew. Its scent is an alluring orchestra - notes of brioche and white flowers seeping into undertones of toasted almonds and honey.


A Finely Etched Tapestry

The true mark of distinction for the '82 Dom Perignon Oenothèque emerges on the palate. Displaying unparalleled harmony between elements, it carefully balances refreshing acidity with sumptuous toasted brioche and citrus notes. The 1982 vintage was framed by a warm summer that paved way for perfect ripening, imbuing the resulting wine with astounding depth and finesse.

Yet with all its captivating allure, there remains a consistent thread - the commanding backbone inherited from the unmatched Champagne terroir that shone exceptionally bright in 1982.


In the Halls of Timeless Elegance

In closing, investing in personalized collections featuring distinctive vintages offers not only financial rewards but also enriches one’s palette with illustrious experiences. And within these halls of timeless elegance, the 1982 Dom Perignon Oenothèque firmly holds court. This champagne speaks eloquently to its provenance - each delicate bubble mirroring years passed and encapsulating the excellence that Dom Perignon consistently delivers. A tasteful investment indeed, laden not only with potential capital appreciation but also loaded with indulgent opportunities to savour or share such a fascinating slice of vinous history.

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