Dom Perignon   Dom Perignon Rose

1988 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

1988 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

The 1988 Dom Perignon Rose stands as a manifestation of a vintage that prides itself with distinct attributes. This remarkable year presented weather that eventually played to the strengths of the patient cultivars at Dom Perignon; a deviously deceptive winter, and a summer graced by glorious sunshine.


Favorable weather, exceptional crop

The mesh of frosty winters teased the undaunted vines before a benevolent sun set them abloom, ensuring an exquisite ripening of the grape bunches. The outcome was a generous and exceptionally robust crop, with fruit dynamics that manifest themselves intensely within this elegant rose.

Simplicity is oftentimes the skin of complexity; a fact truly realized by each sip of the 1988 Dom Perignon Rose.


Distinct characteristics, worthy investment

This wine demonstrates an elaborate dance of balance and exuberance. An innovative blend of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes encapsulates an effervescence that carries the attentive wine enthusiast through layered experiences - from the enticing coral hue to raspberry and ripe strawberry subtleties anchored in a luxurious creaminess.

All these nuanced characteristics culminate to mark this wine as not simply a treasured bottle for special occasions but also as a solid investment opportunity for discerning collectors, making it particularly relevant to key stakeholders in the fine wine investment marketplace.

The 1988 Dom Perignon Rose is, without a doubt, one of the finest products from Dom Perignon. The precision and clairvoyant craftsmanship that went into its creation resulted in a rose champagne that captures the effervescent spirit of the terroir, further elevating Dom Perignon's unfaltering reputation on the global stage.


The 1988 Terroir Legacy

If one were to ever ponder upon what Dom Perignon captured in this rose champagne from 1988, it would be said with surety that they bottled an unmatched year of climatic gifts; ones that defined the essence and distinctive profile of this floral vintage.

A classic pour for collectors and a potential gem for investors, the 1988 Dom Perignon Rose truly encapsulates the legacy of its terroir along with personifying Dom Perignons' virtuosity; solidifying it as an essential addition to any serious fine wine collection.

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