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1995 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

The 1995 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

Immersing oneself in the sensory narrative of the 1995 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon is akin to flicking through the pages of a beloved epic novel. A testament to the Maison's commitment to excellence, this vintage is an intriguing chronicle of a year besotted with unpredictability and challenges turned masterfully into pure liquid poetry.


Heroic Harvest; Exceptional Outcome

The erratic weather patterns of 1995 created a tense atmosphere in the well-pruned vineyards of Champagne. Damp, mild winters swiftly transited into a scorching summer followed by gentle September rains that prompted an early, almost heroic harvest. Yet, such climatic mischief has given rise to wines shaded with complexity and intrigue.

The 1995 Dom Perignon Rose unfurls itself in a dazzling array of fragrances and flavours that bear testament to a vintage of sturdy constitution. Its subtle pink hue instantly catches the eye, while the expressive and voluptuous notes of wild strawberries and dried herbs further commandeer one's senses. It tells a tale that engages, delights, and invites refined contemplation.


Well-aged Elegance With Investment Potential

In the world of fine wine investment, storied vintages like Dom Perignon's 1995 Rose are worth more than their weight in gold. Far beyond the immediate pleasure they offer to the oenophile's palate, they also represent rewarding potential for wealth accumulation.

Today, this resplendent offering is showing signs of delightfully harmonious maturation while maintaining vivacious bubbles and velvety texture promising optimum drinking pleasure for years to come. As such, it finds itself comfortably positioned at that sweet spot between drinkability and investment potential often sought but rarely achieved by wines.


Embodying Extraordinary Elegance

Resurrecting the elusive magic of an unpredictable year, Dom Perignon has created a rose champagne sure to be remembered. The 1995 vintage captures not just the distinct properties of its terroir, but also the resilience and refinement of an iconic maison adept at transforming challenge into triumph.

The 1995 Dom Perignon Rose embodies extraordinary elegance - a symphony woven with mystery and complexity that unveils itself sip after enthralling sip. For wine investors both seasoned and beginners, this Rose stands as a compelling prospect - a storied vintage steeped in enigmatic allure which, much like an epic saga, continues to enchant with every chapter.

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The Dom Perignon Rose often does not perform well until around ten years of age, and the 1995 is revealing a bold, medium pink salmon color followed by broad berry notes intermixed with a smoky/earthy character. Rich, full-bodied, backward, and tannic, it should hit its peak in 2-3 years, and last for a decade thereafter. Readers should remember that the 1971 Dom Perignon Rose is still drinking exquisitely. I recently had the 1969 and 1970 Dom Perignons (from magnum), and both were drinking brilliantly. It makes one realize just how long-lived these wines can be. Production is confidential, but there must be hundreds of thousands of cases of Dom Perignon since it available in most of the world’s luxury hotels and restaurants. Importer: Moet-Hennessy, USA, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8200.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 25 December 2005

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