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1998 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

1998 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

In the realm of exceptional champagnes, the 1998 vintage of Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon has achieved near mythical status. This remarkable year marked a notable climatic shift in the vineyards of Epernay, where Dom Perignon sources its grapes, compelling their master winemakers to adapt with finesse and unpredicted creativity.


Distinctive Depth and Harmonious Blend

The prime lot of their grapery benefited from a cool summer followed by a sun-drenched August, resulting in an unplanned but divine blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with nuanced maturity. But it's not just the interesting medley of this particular crop that solidified the 1998 Dom Perignon Rose's reputation as a fine wine investment. It is the very remarkable integration of these disparate grape varietals that intrigues investors worldwide.

The nose is impactful but elegant, revealing expressive aromas of blackcurrant and strawberry. Take a sip, and the palate follows through in magnificent replication, arousing dark berry flavours that swirl in delightful harmony amidst nuances of spice and toasted nuts.


A Vintage that Overcame Climatic Odds

The year 1998 was illustrated by unpredictable climatic patterns, pressuring agronomists into making hard-hitting decisions. Despite odds, the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir rose gracefully to these challenges, thanks to winemaker Richard Geoffroy's unwavering commitment to encapsulate complexities of the year into each bottle of 1998 Dom Perignon Rose.

Displaying remarkable depth yet relative forwardness, this vintage lives up to its description as a captivating wine investment gem, heartening those who possess it.

The legacy left by 1998 Dom Perignon Rose remains indisputable, from its initial impression—driven by intriguing contrasts—to its powerful yet delicate conclusion. This vintage is what investing in world-class champagne is all about. Its eloquent representation of refined balance continues to fascinate any discerning pallet while proving worthy for long-term cellarage.

This excellent iteration demonstrates - like very few others - that truly extraordinary wine results from a harmonious coalition between nature's whimsy and human ingenuity.

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The 1998 Dom Perignon Rose is a striking, intensely perfumed wine redolent of sweet candied cherries and spices. This medium-bodied wine possesses gorgeous structure, and ideally another year or two of cellaring is warranted in order for the full range of aromas and flavors to emerge. The Dom Perignon Rose is 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir, with most of the Pinot coming from the south-facing vineyards of Ay. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2020. Moet & Chandon is one of Champagne’s giants when it comes to the sheer number of bottles that emerge from its cellars each year. The house’s top wine, Dom Perignon, is quite possibly the most iconic wine in Champagne, and perhaps the world. Production numbers are always kept close to the vest, but that notwithstanding, it is impossible to ignore the exceptional quality that the best vintages offer. At its best Dom Perignon is also an extremely ageworthy wine. In recent years Chef de Caves Richard Geoffroy has instituted a program of re-releasing newly disgorged wines under the OEnotheque program. Younger vintages see a second release (also known as second plenitude), while some of the older, classic vintages from the 1970s are on their third release (also known as third plenitude). While the OEnotheques, particularly the third releases, can be very pricey, at their finest they offer an extraordinary,otherworldly drinking experience matched by few wines in the world. Although Moet & Chandon doesn't disclose disgorgement dates, Geoffroy is considering adding that information in the near future. An article covering a number older vintages of Dom Perignon will appear soon on Importer: Moet Hennessy USA, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8200

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 21 December 2008

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