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2004 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

2004 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

The 2004 representative of the popular champagne house, Dom Perignon, signals a unique hallmark in their long, established pedigree. This particular year witnessed an unprecedented climatic shift with a sudden end to winter chill in August followed by luxurious sunny days well into November.


An exceptional vintage:

This twist of nature has endowed the 2004 Dom Perignon Rose with a medley of distinctive attributes. A unique byproduct of this seasonal pivot was the ripening Pinot Noir that accelerated dramatically and reached an optimal condition

Subtle hints of wild strawberries and lush aromas weave an ethereal tapestry over a nuanced core of mineral freshness from the blend of Chardonnay. Imagine being lost in a summer garden at the stroke of midnight, inundated by sensual surprises.


Sophisticated Oenological Alchemy:

It's in the harmony between the structured strength and floral nuances where this vintage outshines others. On the palate, the wine spirals into a persistent yet delicate finish, leaving traces of red fruits and salty niceties echoing in your senses like a sonnet.

In terms of investment potential, the allure of the 2004 Dom Perignon Rose lies beyond its aesthetic subtleties. The journey it encapsulates from bud burst to maturing grape and its subsequent transformation in the bottle makes it highly sought after by discerning investors.


A Vintage Suave Par Excellence:

The 2004 Dom Perignon Rose is akin to a ballet performance on your palate - both lithe and graceful - that magnetically draws you back for more. The precision, complexity and sheer audacity of this rosy champagne suggest an impressively long path ahead.

Destined for legendary status, few Champagnes can match up to its stature, elegance, or instant recognisability among fine wine enthusiasts. A worthy contender in any portfolio, it gracefully weds impressive investment potential with unparallelled gustatory pleasure. With every sip, it reconfirms why Dom Perignon is considered one of the timeless giants in the world of fine wines.

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The fascinatingly copper-colored 2004 Dom Pérignon Rosé has a beautifully delicate bouquet of red fruits,and indicates a great purity and freshness. Kept on the lees for at least nine years to smooth the tannins the 2004 reveals a weightless power on the palate. It has a deep and concentrated, highly elegant Pinot character (though Chardonnay and Pinot are more or less 50/50), and is full of finesse and freshness. The 2004 is intense and vinous, yet pure, precise and extremely fine. Adorable.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2016

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