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2005 Dom Perignon Rose

By Dom Perignon

2005 Dom Perignon Rose from Dom Perignon

The 2005 Dom Perignon Rose is a benchmark product from the best cellars of the Champagne region. Often hailed as one of the finest releases by Dom Perignon, this luxurious vintage offers not just a sparkling sip but an immersive, sensory experience.


Reflecting the Hand of Time and Talent

In comparison with previous vintages, 2005 was marked by unexpected warmth. Careful nurturing and select picking by Dom Perignon's viticulturists ensured the unique expression of climate and terroir, resulting in a defiant display of resilience and refinement. The 2005 vintage of Dom Perignon Rose becomes more intriguing when viewed through the lens of wise wine investment. It represents a culmination of unpredictable weather phenomena and unparalleled savoir-faire that renders it a worthy addition to any savvy investor's portfolio.


Palette of Fruity Insouciance and Sophisticated Modesty

The 2005 Dom Perignon Rose is an artistic broad-stroke on the canvas of bubbly connoisseurship. Showcasing a burst of wild strawberry and guava mélange, this wine curves elegantly into more reserved nuances of spice and brine. A persistent finish lingers sensually on the palate with hints of blood orange and coco undertones.


A Vintage of Iconic Contrasts

An exceptional year for Champagne, the 2005 climatic conditions defined a new realm for Dom Perignon's stylistic ideals. Many regard this wine as embodying a dainty paradox: playful yet stern, coy yet assertive. One cannot undermine its unique profile, even if placed alongside other sparkling rosés from Dom Perignon.

The unequivocal allure of the 2005 Dom Perignon Rose lies in its narrative of meteorological caprice and in Dom Perignon's unwavering dedication to create an exquisite vintage. This fine wine is set to enthral its drinkers well into coming years.

In conclusion, the 2005 Dom Perignon Rose, what can be seen as leaps off its champagne flute is not just aromatic extravagance or flavourful finesse; it is an echo of an enchanting dance between Mother Nature's whims and man's mastery. Its vibrant charm offers an insightful glimpse into the quintessential brilliance synonymous with the house of Dom Perignon.

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Offering up aromas of orange rind, dried white flowers and fresh pastry mingled with nuances of smoke and iodine, the 2005 Dom Pérignon Rosé is medium to full-bodied, vinous and fleshy, with a rich core of fruit complemented by sapid nuances that lend the wine interesting gastronomic potential. Broad, textural and delicately phenolic, it's a successful effort in a challenging Champagne vintage.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 April 2020

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