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1990 Dom Perignon

By Dom Perignon

1990 Dom Perignon by Dom Perignon

A transcendental gem of the effervescence world, the 1990 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon is as startling as it was upon its unveiling, blooming in its prime years with majesty. Known to be one of the most flattering vintages of the 20th century, the 1990 vintage marries refinement and grandeur in an exhilarating dance of flavors.


The Majesty of Champagne Classics

This treasured vintage draws its substantial charm from the splendid climatic conditions that characterized the growing season back in 1990. From the outset, Dom Perignon delivered a sublime expression of nature's kiss; consistent summer warmth ensured excellent grape maturity punctuated with an ideal level of acidity. Thus was born a champagne that oozes both depth and complexity while retaining a surprisingly accessible character.


A Confluence of Complexity and Elegance

The 1990 Dom Perignon mesmerizes the sense with its intense floral bouquet: think jasmine, narcissus, underscored by toasty brioche notes that tantalizingly invite you in. As it graces your palate, the complexity unfolds into intricate layers; burst of sun-ripened orchard fruits, toasted almonds and delightful candied zest capitulate to a mineral-driven underbelly - a reverberating ode to its unique terroir.


Patient Persistence Meets Handsome Rewards

A venerable testament to wine investment, this sublime vintage showcases marked sophistication and incredible staying power. As with any fine wine investment, those who have patiently held onto their bottles will now be rewarded by a champagne humming with vibrancy yet beautifully mellowed over time. The showstopper though remains its prolonged saline finish, hooking the taster to a sensory affair hard to forget.

In essence, the 1990 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon is an investment proving that patience is indeed a rewarding virtue. It remains one of the finest expressions from this esteemed house and epitomizes not just an excellent Champagne, but the pinnacle of fine wine craftsmanship.

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The profoundly rich 1990 Dom Perignon is a creamy-textured, full styled offering that loses none of its elegance in spite of its flavor authority. It will improve for 5-10 years, and appears capable of surpassing the fabulous 1985 and 1982. It seems obvious that the quality of the 1990 Champagne vintage is going to be remarkable, and the world-wide demand will be unprecedented. The message - buy them now! Importer: Schieffelin & Somerset, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8337.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 1997

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