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1998 Dom Perignon

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1998 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon

The late nineties were remarkably generous to the old-world wine regions, particularly Champagne. A microcosm of this is the 1998 Dom Perignon from Dom Perignon, a wine that exemplifies that grace and potency can cohabitate in a thrilling champagne.


A Vintage Marked by Distinctive Character

1998 saw optimal growing conditions in Champagne. The weather was capricious and ran the gamut from cooling spring rains to a sun-drenched summer leading up to bountiful late-summer ripening. Such conditions laid the foundation for an invitingly broad-shouldered and assured vintage with the 1998 Dom Perignon bearing splendid testimony to this.

What you get on pouring a glass of this iconic vintage is stunning even to the most discerning oenophile. Lifted aromas of lime blossom, fresh peach, toasted almonds, and subtle tones of smoke invite you into an enchanting journey through layers of complexity.


The Unmistakable Elegance of Age

The palate bathes in a silken texture of slow-evolved bubbles that disperse an orchestra of flavors. Ripe Anjou pear, a bracing citrusy zing, and hints of warm brioche against a backdrop of tightly woven minerality define its character. An unforgettable finish leaves traces reminding you why Dom Perignon has been at the apex of champagne production for centuries.

The underlying structure of this much-acclaimed vintage still holds promise for further maturity. For those considering an investment in fine wines, the 1998 Dom Perignon presents an excellent proposition with its continued aging potential.

Make no mistake; this is not merely a beverage but an experience that straddles time. It is as much about tasting history - the year's climatic battles, the producer's virtuosity - as it is about savouring one of the best champagnes from that golden year in Champagne's history.

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A stronger vintage than expected, the 1998 Dom Perignon exhibits aromas and flavors of lemon oil, orange rind, and brioche in a medium-bodied, zesty, rich, moderately intense style. It is far superior to either the 1993 or 1992. Readers should remember that the 1971 Dom Perignon Rose is still drinking exquisitely. I recently had the 1969 and 1970 Dom Perignons (from magnum), and both were drinking brilliantly. It makes one realize just how long-lived these wines can be. Production is confidential, but there must be hundreds of thousands of cases of Dom Perignon since it available in most of the world’s luxury hotels and restaurants. Importer: Moet-Hennessy, USA, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8200.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 25 December 2005

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