Krug   Clos du Mesnil

2002 Clos du Mesnil

By Krug

2002 Clos du Mesnil from Krug

The grandeur of the 2002 Clos du Mesnil from renowned producer Krug cannot be easily captured in words. The magic of 2002 saturates this vintage in a manner that sets it decidedly apart from others, offering a tantalizing profile for any fine wine connoisseur's palate.


A Vintage Celebrated

As an extraordinary year, 2002 is heralded as one of the great Chardonnay vintages for Champagne. The climatic conditions were seemingly bespoke for optimal grape maturity with generous sunshine, and remarkably dry harvest season providing an exceptional environment for the Clos du Mesnil vineyard.

With each burgundy-tinted pour, a symphony of delicate bubbles draw the eye while the complex bouquet arrests the senses. Hints of acacia honey, citrus zest underlined by an inconspicuous almond undertone communicate unmistakably that this is not just another sparkling wine.


The Investment Potential

Given its provenance, limited production and the stellar reputation of its birth year, the 2002 Clos du Mesnil carries commendable weight as a valuable and collectable champagne. Its intrinsic value amplifies when one considers its potential growth facilitated by careful cellar ageing.

The desirability of this investment-grade champagne doesn’t merely stem from its aromatic complexity and flavour depth but also from its illustrious lineage. With Krug's maintained commitment to excellence exhibited forcefully in this vintage, it is not surprising to see this wine sought after by long-term investors and collectors worldwide.


Fall Under its Inviting Spell

Whether it is sipped for sheer pleasure or held as an investment, no discourse about fine wine can ever be complete without mentioning the 2002 Clos du Mesnil from Krug; a champagne that has managed to harness the energy of time, labour and esteemed terroir into a liquid treasure. Unfurling layer upon layer of complexity with each sip, it transports you momentarily to a serene vineyard in northeastern France. This is an exquisite anthem to both perfectionism and passion produced by none other than the masters at Krug.

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Krug's beautifully citrus colored 2002 Blanc de Blancs Brut Clos du Mesnil (ID 415068 - disgorged IV/2015) shows a deep, complex, very clear and precise if not etherial bouquet with citrus aromas intertwined with chalk and noble brioche notes in the background. Pure, profound and vibrantly fresh on the palate, this is a straight, athletic, very intense and expressive yet highly elegant and finessed Clos du Mesnil with a unique fresh fruit character! The 2002 reveals a great mineral structure and chalky texture on the palate. The highly complex, energetic finish reveals bracing freshness and vitality as well as the charm and creaminess from the vinification in barrels and possibly the dosage wine that seems to boost the Krug style. While terroir wine is the result of hands-off winemaking, Krug's Clos du Mesnil is perhaps a very particular Krug Champagne—it has great quality, style and complexity that is the result of the winemaking and the addition of the dosage wine. How the Clos du Mesnil would taste if farmed biodynamically, picked later and dosed with nothing but itself is a pointless question, but it hasn't left my mind since I tasted the paradoxical 2002, which is terribly fresh on one hand and also has this unique Krug reserve style. Notabene: This doesn't include the hypothesis that the wine could be any better. It would just be different and surely less "Krug," which is not what we really want, do we? Tasted April 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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