Louis Roederer   Cristal

2000 Cristal

By Louis Roederer

2000 Cristal by Louis Roederer

Summoning the allure of the new millennium, the 2000 Cristal from Louis Roederer graciously exhibits a captivating panorama of the depth and vitality imbued within this superior vintage. This distinctly golden-hued wine bears the emblem of an era, testament to both the pedigree of its prestigious provenance and meticulous care in its construction.


The Year, The Vintage

A parade of the grandeur inherent in climatic benevolence, 2000 birthed one of the most intriguing expressions of Cristal's iconic character. On the nose, it dazzles with an intricate ballet of brioche, honey and almond underlined by ephemeral nuances of citrus and spring flowers.

The subtle sophistication of the 2000 Cristal reveals itself through luxurious layers of persistent perlage synonymous with Louis Roederer’s impeccable craftsmanship. It decidedly extols its vintage's tale of transformation, rendering a narrative steeped in minerality from its chalky soils.


A Flourish of Flavour

As the seductive veil falls on the palate, 2000 Cristal unfurls a stunning vibrancy underpinned by creamy lemon curd and poised tropical whispers. There's a beguiling dance between sumptuous depth and lithe freshness that one finds only in these conditions - a serenade to a generous vintage, stroke for stroke precisely forged in chalk cellars over an enduring decade.


The Investment Potential

With wine investing being driven by rarity, esteem and longevity, this vintage is a compelling piece for fine wine enthusiasts. The restrained yet ample yields in 2000 have endowed this vintage with sought-after exclusivity, adding to its allure on the fine wine investment radar.

With all these captivating aspects so elegantly encased under one cork, the 2000 Cristal from Louis Roederer is an undeniable epoch-defining exemplar, flowing seamlessly with time while leaving indelible memories on any palate lucky enough to savour it.

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From a difficult vintage with destructive hailstorms and botrytis, the 2000 Cristal opens with an elegant and delicate bouquet with brioche, ripe apple, green olive and iodine aromas. Complex and very salty, with oyster and umami flavors, this is a generous and very long Cristal that is excellent with Japanese food, such as sashimi for example, as chef de cave Jean-Baptiste LĂ©caillon said during the tasting in New York in November 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 30 November 2018

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