Louis Roederer   Cristal

2004 Cristal

By Louis Roederer

2004 Cristal from Louis Roederer

In the vaunted catalogue of Louis Roederer, the 2004 Cristal emerges as a paragon of elegance and finesse. This vintage, born of a season of harmonious weather and ideal grape growing conditions, bears its own unique imprint in the annals of Roederer's respected history.


Meticulous Refinement, an Investment Worth Noting

The Champagne house of Louis Roederer is no stranger to excellence, consistently crafting some of the world’s most revered champagnes. Yet, the 2004 Cristal stands out even among such illustrious company. An invigorating acidity complements glorious notes of pear and toasted brioche, supported by nuanced undertones of citrus zest and white flowers.

In each glassful of this 2004 Cristal from Louis Roederer, wine enthusiasts will recognise its inherent singularity and appeal. The wine's intricate composition and forward-style lends it well for immediate indulgence though its capacity for eternal freshness makes it a precious addition to any discerning cellar.


An Unforgettable Year for Champagnes

The climatic idyllic balance of 2004 provided an opportune stage for the production of exceptional champagnes. Crystal-clear sunshine, coupled with cool temperatures and regular rainfall, saw to the production of healthy and high-quality grape yield.

This fortuitous mix of weather conditions allowed for slow maturation of grapes, infusing them with a unique depth encapsulated in every glass of the 2004 Cristal. The result, a champagne exhibiting vibrancy coupled with profound depth - a truly seminal expression from Louis Roederer.

The lingering resonance of mineral intensity, overlaid by aromatic layers woven impeccably with bright fruit and creamy texture, lend to the 2004 Cristal an unforgettable finish. As an investable wine, it stands unequivocally as one of Louis Roederer's finest productions - poised to evolve elegantly over ensuing decades, yet shines blazingly in its present state.

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The 2004 Brut Cristal has put on quite a bit of weight since I first tasted it earlier this year. It is a powerful, structured Cristal layered with considerable fruit. Chardonnay seems to play the leading role in 2004, at least today. Cristal is often accessible young, but that is far from the case here. This is a serious, painfully young Cristal that will require considerable patience. Readers who are willing to spend some time with the wine today will find a super-impressive, complete Cristal. The 2004 Cristal is 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. This is Lot L033331E100008, disgorged January, 2010. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2034. My visit to these historic cellars earlier in the year was an eye-opening experience. I spent several hours with Chef de Caves Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon tasting through a wide range of 2009s vins claires. Readers may want to take a look at my feature on www.erobertparker.com for more on those wines. The visit was capped off by previews of the 2004 Cristal and the as-yet-unreleased Cristal Rose. Both were superb. Over the last six months the 2004 Cristal has come together beautifully and is shaping up to be a truly great, monumental Champagne. From top to bottom, this is an impressive set of wines. My only real criticism of Roederer is the estate’s insistence on using lot numbers that resemble missile launch codes in their complexity. Surely something simpler must be possible. Importer: Maisons Marques & Domaines USA, Inc., Oakland, CA; tel. (510) 587-2000

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 2010

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