Louis Roederer   Cristal

2006 Cristal

By Louis Roederer

2006 Cristal from Louis Roederer

The 2006 vintage of Cristal from Louis Roederer is a unique meditation on the pedigree of Reims Champagne. The house's tradition of innovatively implementing reserve wines into each label is evident in this exquisite offering. Importantly, Cristal 2006 is a triumph of adaptation, an upstanding testament to winemaking intuition matching the caprice of nature.


A challenging harvest, a promising pinnacle

Harsh winters and hot summers marked 2006, creating significant deviations from typical weather patterns in Champagne. June saw weather swings, July scorching heat and August brought cooler conditions with scattered rain showers. The tumultuous conditions fostered uneven ripening, implying that the vintage's true success lay in the nous of the viticulturists and oenologists at Louis Roederer. Their commitment underlined that Cristal is not just another Champagne variety but a calculated wine investment opportunity.

Against these odds, the 2006 Cristal emerges as a deeply compelling expression of Louis Roederer's resilient viticultural ethos. It balances richness and depth while accentuating the deeply rooted mineral identity of its terroir.


Complexity delivered, investment assured

The 2006 Cristal displays an endearing complexity arising from the climatic dichotomy between the cold start and hot crescendo of that year. This juxtaposition birthed a wine sparkling with vivacious effervescence yet grounded by an intriguing minerality that hints at its resilience over time.

This rich ensemble of nuanced flavors showcases why investing in fine wines like Cristal becomes even more attractive when nature throws in her curveballs. Its layered, complex palate justifies its place as one of the most outstanding representatives of its coveted lineage.

Even after fifteen years since its harvest, the 2006 Cristal continues to age gracefully inside the bottle. A testament to the profound knowledge and skill of Louis Roederer’s winemakers, it communicates the language of timeless elegance and unparalleled luxury to its discerning patrons. In every sip, this wine brims with potential for both gainful appreciation and indulgent consumption, thereby making it an engaging investment prospect for fine wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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The 2006 Cristal shows rich and ripe (tropical) fruit on the nose along with delicate brioche notes. Round and textured on the palate, this is a generous but fresh, fine and salty Cristal with a very long and greatly finessed finish. Tasted in New York, November 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 30 November 2018

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