Louis Roederer   Cristal

2007 Cristal

By Louis Roederer

2007 Cristal from Louis Roederer

The towering 2007 release of the Cristal from the house of Louis Roederer reverberates with an opulence alluring to every fine wine connoisseur. The 07 vintage is both a testament to the heritage of Cristal and a revelation in its own right, punctuated with subtleties that render it a unique investment proposition.


A Legacy of Greatness Decanted in 2007

Resonating with the resonant patience and precision that has been a part of Cristal's legacy, the 2007 Cristal presents an aura of confidence seldom found elsewhere. The enticing blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in this delightful champagne provides a depth that amplifies its investment potential.

Yet what distinguishes it from other vintages is its remarkable elegance, borne undoubtedly from the luminosity that marked the harvest year. This was a time of cool nights and warm days, the hallmark of a great vintage year, resulting in grapes with striking acidity and rare concentration.


The Extraordinary Manifestation of Terroir

The winemaking prowess of Louis Roederer echoes strongly this year, successfully harnessing the climatic nuances to construct an archetype of pure refinement. Amidst its sheen surface bubble undertones of candied fruit, hazelnut and cocoa, harmoniously intertwined with hints of white flowers and citric elements.

This beautiful manifestation promises rewarding yield for investors looking for wines that age gracefully. The powerful dichotomy between its robust structure and finesse makes it an extraordinary choice for laying down, predicting rich returns for the patient investor.


2007 Cristal by Louis Roederer: An Inimitable Experience

In summary, the 2007 Cristal from Louis Roederer is an artful assembly of balance and harmony. This magnificent interpretation captures elegantly the essence of its revered lineage while standing distinctly apart with grace and vibrancy. A compelling addition to any seasoned wine investment portfolio, it is a magnum opus to be cherished.

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Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon calls Cristal "the first terroir cuvée of the Champagne." He furthers, "It’s not just Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, but the chalk that brings the ultimate finesse, length and precision of Cristal." Forty-five blocks with averaging age of 43-years-old, low-yielding vines form the base of Cristal, which is usually made of approximately 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. Due to an early bud break (end of March) and the wet summer, the 2007 was picked at the end of August, so almost 100 days after the flowering instead of the normal 93-95 days. There is a bit less Pinot Noir than usual (57%) and accordingly, more Chardonnay (43%) in the 2007 Cristal. This Champagne comes along in a golden color and with a deep and matured, yet well-defined bouquet of ripe yellow fruits and honey notes. Full-bodied, round and very complex, the generous 2007 is a perfect mix of ripe fruit and precise minerality. It is a silky textured, pure and precise, as well as powerful and expressive Champagne. It has great tension and grip in the very long and persistent finish. Great expression of chalk. The 2007 was disgorged in 2015. The 2009 is to be released in September; the 2008 won't be in the market earlier than January 2018. Neither a 2010 nor a 2011 will be released, but a 2012.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2016

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