Louis Roederer   Cristal

2013 Cristal

By Louis Roederer

2013 Cristal by Louis Roederer: Convergence of Quality and Investment

The 2013 Cristal from Louis Roederer represents an epoch in Roederer's storied history, a year where the harmony of conditions conspired to produce a vintage for the ages. The perfect convergence of artisan skill and nature's providence, this stunning Champagne encapsulates the essence of Roederer's commitment to excellence.


A Vintage That Shines Bright

While the winemaking pedigree of Louis Roederer is legendary, it is the 2013 Cristal that illuminates their prowess in interpreting a vintage. A cool spring leading to a sun-soaked summer produced ripe yet constrained grapes, offering a delightful yin-yang between the opulent fruit and the interwoven minerality. This symbiosis translates into a captivating flavor profile for the discerning palate.


A Symphony of Flavours

The 2013 Cristal's signature peach and white-blossom aromas provide an aromatic overture to the symphony of flavors that await. Lively citrus and robust apple tonalities christen the palate before ebbing into more complex manifestations of nougat and brioche, borne out of matured pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. The crescendo unfolds as this vintage effervesces into nuanced finishes of hazelnut against lingering layers of chalky minerality.


Investing in Exceptionalism

As much as the 2013 Cristal from Louis Roederer is wine connoisseur's dream, it’s equally an astute wine investment. Given its exceptional quality, impressive cellaring potential, and established prestige, it represents substantial future upside for fine wine investors. Both stirring to imbibe and promising to invest - a quality only attributed to a handful of global vintages.

So, raise your glasses on behalf of Louis Roederer! The 2013 Cristal is not just a testament to Champagne's stature in the world of fine wines but also an investable beacon within an ever-evolving industry.

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Notes of crisp yellow orchard fruit, white flowers, blanched almonds and warm brioche introduce the 2013 Cristal, a full-bodied, layered and incisive wine that's taut and chiseled but also notably exuberant in a vintage that I admire immensely but which can sometimes present an austere side. Deep, concentrated and penetrating, it's complemented by a pinpoint mousse and concludes with a long, saline finish. Less introverted than its 2012 predecessor, readers won't regret trying a bottle of the 2013 Cristal young—even if I'd recommend forgetting some for a decade too.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 15 April 2021

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