Pol Roger   Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

1986 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

By Pol Roger

1986 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger

The 1986 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger is a triumph of the vintage, standing out as one of the most illustrious expressions of this prestigious Maison's mastery. The unique climate conditions in 1986, including a warm summer and well-timed rainfall towards the harvest season in Champagne, resulted in a noteworthy cuvée that is recognised as one of the most investable wines for genuine enthusiasts.


A Noble Confluence

This majestic vintage artfully harmonises reserved power and crystalline purity. Made predominantly from Pinot Noir grapes married with Chardonnay from Grand Cru vineyards revered for their chalky soils, the 1986 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger exudes a fine candor and subtle intensity that set it apart from its contemporaries.

An elegant mélange of baked apple, pear, walnut husk, and delightful minerality converge on the palate in an indulgence of richness smoothed over by an apt acidity — a testament to the distinctive maturation of the 1986 vintage.


A Rare Gem in the Wine Investment World

Afficionados considering a foray into fine wine investing should not overlook this esteemed vintage. The blend's uncanny ability to age gracefully, maintaining its finesse and depth across decades, reinforces its reputation amongst collectors and investors alike.

Furthermore, the significant historical relevance tied to Sir Winston Churchill — a loyal customer of Pol Roger — enhances this cuvée's narrative appeal as an investment piece.


Signature Elegance with Unparalleled Strength

To taste the 1986 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger is to experience an embodiment of history, wrapped in layers of unravelling complexity. Signalised by its signature elegance and unparalleled strength, this robust vintage exemplifies the distinct harmony of flavours; a balance achieved only through time-honoured craftsmanship and extraordinary growing conditions.

In summary, this 1986 masterpiece reinforces why it has earned its place among the ranks of high-performing investment wines. Each sip unfolds chapter upon chapter of an entrancing narrative; one where opulence meets precision with each seamless pass.

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