Taittinger   Comtes de Champagne Rose

1985 Comtes de Champagne Rose

By Taittinger

1985 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger

The intoxicating world of fine wines finds one of its supreme treasures in the 1985 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger. This vintage transcends time, carrying within its depths four decades of mature refinement, each year lending another measure of elegance and allure.


Dancing on the Tongue: The Unique Taste Profile

The complexities of its taste profile, manifest as a meticulous ballet of nuanced flavors. Initial whispers of strawberry and cherry blossom evolve into indelible expressions of candied fruits and nuanced undertones of almond, honeycomb, and light spice. The persistent finish leaves behind a gently resonating symphony of dried orange and bitter marmalade notes.


Exceptional Vintage, Exceptional Investment

What truly singles out the 1985 vintage is the exceptional quality of wine it has produced. At the helm is the Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger - a blend blessed by an unparalleled marriage of temperature, sunlight, and terroir that carved its esteemed reputation among wine connoisseurs worldwide.

This year boasted ideal climatic conditions, with sufficient sunshine promoting healthy grape maturity while cool nights preserved the pivotal acidity level. The harmonious coalescence of these elements labored to birth this icon of sophistication and desired investment magnet in the vaults of wine collectors.


Embodying Elegance; Inherent Investment Value

Representative of the grapes' might in 1985, this vintage tells a tale through time. Its elegance is rooted in its platinum color bordering on rose gold, portraying its age gracefully with an attractive tinge rather than tiredness.

Realizing the 1985 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger's potential from an investment perspective means acknowledging this satiny liquid's eminent rise on auction lists and private sales. It remains a shining beacon that resonates strong demand and favorable returns amid discerning investors.

To conclude, this Champagne Rose vintage is not just an exploration into the rich tapestry woven by time; it’s a journey that paves ways towards profitable avenues for all those committed to strategic wine investments.

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Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 1994

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