Taittinger   Comtes de Champagne Rose

2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose

By Taittinger

2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose by Taittinger

In the lineage of Taittinger’s fine Champagnes, the 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger has etched its name with an indelible flair. This vintage sits grandly atop the pyramid of their exquisite rosy creations, drawing enthusiasts and investors alike to its promising allure.


An Odyssey of Harmonious Complexity

A splendid year for Champagne, the 2005 brought with it an ideal conjunction of climatic elements that nurtured a vintage graced with poised character and structured expression. The intensity of summer heat was beautifully counterbalanced by persistent cool evenings, which, in this harmonious ballet of weather, sculpted a wine of layered complexity and vibrant freshness.

The 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger makes a daring departure from its predecessors in its intense ruby hue, amplified by an ageing process that marries Chardonnay's elegance with the red wine assertiveness. The result? A striking effervescence striped with streams of tiny bubbles rising to create a persistent ring of mousse.


Transcending Taste Profile

Indulge the senses in elaborate aromas evolving from delicate violets to succulent raspberries and cherries, before revealing undertones of biscuit and brioche. On the palate, this blush Champagne is enchantingly versatile, opening up to a universe of flavours - from the crisp acidity of green apple and grapefruit to the warmth of toasted almonds and star anise. A wine that embodies both strength and subtlety beckons sagacious investors to capture it in their cellar repertoire.

In the aftermath of the tasting, its surprisingly long finish leaves a trail of enticingly rich berry flavours which bear testament to its ageing potential, classifying this vintage among one of the most promising investment-grade wines. Steeped in Taittinger's illustrious history, the 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose is a singular testimony of time's beautiful influence on nature's bounty.

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The Taittinger 2005 Brut Rose Comtes de Champagne exhibits a delectable nose of fraise du bois, red raspberry and maraschino discreetly complemented by anise, vanilla, and Ceylon tea. Silken in feel and with exceptionally fine and at once stimulating and caressing mousse, this finishes with luscious abundance of juicy fresh red berries supported by appropriate sweetness, hints of fine, tea-like tannins, crunchy berry seeds, chalk and toasted almond serving for satisfying counterpoint. It should prove rewarding to follow for several years, but don’t miss out on its youthful pleasures! Imported by Kobrand, Purchase, NY; tel. (914) 253-7700

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 29 November 2013

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