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Echezeaux, not Romanee-Conti, is DRC's best performer

Liv-ex’s latest Burgundy Report reveals that since 2007, the best performing label from renowned estate is not its acclaimed Romanee-Conti, but rather the Echezeaux.

Over the last 11 years the wine has gained traction in the market, taking off in December 2015 to overtake Romanee-Conti in late 2016 to realise an overall increase of 250%. In fact, since Brexit, Romanee-Conti has been the weakest performing label from the estate.

According to Liv-ex: “Echézeaux has historically offered one of the cheapest entry points into the DRC brand.” As such, enthusiasts may be interested in DRC’s Romanee-St-Vivant. Once the lowest performing label among DRC’s six offerings, it overtook Richebourg last year and since Brexit has held the title of the estate's third-best performer after Echezeaux and Grand Echezeaux.

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