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2011 Chateau Cantemerle

By Chateau Cantemerle

2011 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle, Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux

Completing a decade of maturation, the 2011 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle vividly illustrates the complexity and elegance that the Haut-Medoc terroir can impart to a well-crafted vintage. In a year marked by climatic vagaries, where meticulous viticulture was paramount, this wine deftly encapsulates the diligent efforts of its makers.


Enigmatically Engaging: A Wine Investment Beacon

The investment quality of 2011 vintages often hinges on their nuanced expression and ability to surprise connoisseurs with their evolution. This Chateau Cantemerle is no exception, weaving an intricate narrative through its layered tasting notes. Its present state is a testament to the care of those at the helm of this storied estate.


Season's Idiosyncrasies: A Profound Influence

The year 2011 sprinkled the Haut-Medoc with a medley of challenges: an early bud break due to warmth, followed by an erratic summer which demanded astuteness in canopy management and harvesting decisions. The season culminated in wines that demanded precision in vinification to achieve balance and finesse.

This particular 2011 Chateau Cantemerle showcases a poised bouquet, burgeoning with blackcurrant and hints of tobacco leaf intertwined with subtle oak. On the palate, it carries forward this sophistication with an admixture of dark fruits anchored by firm yet refined tannins, leading to a long, savoury finish. While approachable now, its structure suggests a continuing promise of maturation.

Akin to an artist who uses contrast to draw out beauty, this vintage is defined by its balanced interplay between poise and depth. In today's fine wine market, the seasoned investor seeks not just pedigree but also potential; this Chateau Cantemerle vintage embodies both attributes with quiet confidence.

In summate, the 2011 Chateau Cantemerle from Chateau Cantemerle encapsulates that rare vintage alchemy where challenge begets character. Its tale weaves through every sip with an understatement that entices narrative seekers and taste purveyors alike, affirming its distinguished place among fine wines from Bordeaux worthy of contemplation for both palate pleasure and investment prowess.

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An elegant, successful 2011, Cantemerle has produced a finesse-styled wine with a dense ruby/purple color as well as copious notes of flowers, mulberries, raspberries and blueberries. With dramatic quality and purity, this medium-bodied effort possesses sweet tannins and a texture that builds incrementally. A lighter-styled, but beautifully crafted, well done 2011, it can be enjoyed over the next 10-15 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2014

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