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2005 Chateau Brane-Cantenac

By Chateau Brane-Cantenac

2005 Chateau Brane-Cantenac from Chateau Brane-Cantenac, Margaux, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux's great vintages, the 2005 stands as a modern classic, and the 2005 Chateau Brane-Cantenac from Chateau Brane-Cantenac is a splendid testament to this esteemed vintage. Nestled within the prestigious appellation of Margaux, the estate harnesses the quintessential finesse of the region, and in 2005, it managed to capture something quite extraordinary in the bottle.


An Exquisite Vintage Representing Investment Potential

The unique climatic conditions of 2005 furnished the vineyards with optimal growing circumstances - a consistent blend of warm days and cool nights that lead to the steady and precise maturation of grapes. This weather pattern endowed wines with depth and balance seldom seen in other years. The merit of such meticulous nature's choreography is palpably present in each glass poured from this noble vintage.

On approaching the glass, one is struck by a rich, deep colour - a velvet curtain rising to an opus of olfactory delights. Aromas interlace - ripe cassis, touches of cedar and a whisper of violet - casting a spell on one's senses before even sampling its liquid core.

The palate continues this sensorial theatre - supple tannins supporting complex layers of dark fruit underlain by the subtlest hint of oak-induced spice. Precision is here married to elegance, producing a harmonious ensemble that crescendos into a lingering finish which resonates with sophistication – it is a wine that perfectly articulates the pedigree of both its producer and its region, making it an alluring option for discerning wine investors.

The staying power of this wine suggests potential for further aging or immediate gratification should one succumb to temptation. In either case, it remains delightfully resilient against time’s advance—a virtue worth consideration in investment circles where longevity equates to value appreciation.


Concluding Reflections on the 2005 Brane-Cantenac

For connoisseurs seeking to add historical depth to their portfolio or enthusiasts yearning to savour a slice of vinous history, the 2005 Chateau Brane-Cantenac beckons as a sterling selection. Its inherent qualities – reflective of both a blessed vintage and expert viticulture – concatenate into an investment-worthy wine with both finesse and power. Indeed, for those desiring to enhance their collection with exemplary Bordeaux, this wine demands attention as one of the pivotal expressions from Margaux in this millennial era.

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Tasted at the Brane-Cantenac vertical at the château, the 2005 Brane-Cantenac is a blend of 51% Cabernet Sauvignon, 43% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc. It has a focused, conservative (for the vintage) nose with gravel-tinged red berry fruit intermingling with cedar, graphite and pine needle scents. The palate is medium-bodied with a firm structure and unlike the bottle tasted in January, which I declined to score, there is no green streak on the finish. It is very backward and some might describe it as curmudgeonly. Personally I would not touch it for another five years, even though apparently it is beginning to open according to Henri Lurton. No, I would afford it another two or three years in bottle and let's see where we are then. Tasted April 2015.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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