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1989 Lascombes

By Chateau Lascombes

1989 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

The 1989 vintage from Chateau Lascombes heralds from a year that Bordeaux enthusiasts speak of with a hush of reverence. The peculiarities of the '89 season endowed the vintners at Lascombes with a crop that would sire a remarkable expression of Margaux's quintessence.


A Season of Maturation and Mastery

The growing season was marked by favourable climatic whims, granting winemakers the patience to await optimal maturation. Unlike its predecessors, the ’89 vintage esteemed not for the vigour of its youth but for its astute progression in complexity as it matured. Presently, this vintage flaunts a tannic structure which has evolved with grace – an asset for collectors and investors alike.


Celebrating Subtlety and Strength

On the palate, one is met with a seductive interplay of dark berry fruit and the sous-bois character that only comes with age. A hint of spice and leather promenade amidst these flavours, all cradled by an oak influence that has integrated imperceptibly over time. The lingering finish does not overpower but rather entices with an air of sophistication, emblematic of a well-groomed Margaux from an auspicious year.

The 1989 Lascombes stands as a testament to a vintage that flourished under Bordeaux's peerless canopy. Its elegance and depth have ripened into a formidable yet balanced entity, securing its position as one of the investable delights from Margaux. An eloquent dance between vigour and refinement – the '89 Lascombes underscores why investing in fine wine from paradigmatic years is not merely about provenance, but about capturing moments in time when vines sang in harmony with nature's rhythms.


Investment Notes: A Vintage to Cherish

For connoisseurs seeking to diversify their portfolio with Bordeaux's liquid treasures, the 1989 Lascombes remains an articulate choice – expressive of its year and emblematic of Chateau Lascombes' enduring legacy. Its current standing among oenophiles is a clarion call for seasoned investors seeking both enjoyment and potential return on investment from historically significant vintages.

In sum, '89 Lascombes blooms as a study in maturity – revealing not merely a wine but a chronicle steeped in the essence of its illustrious birthyear. With three decades behind it, this wine is an ode to longevity and deserves recognition both as a consummate embodiment of its genre and as a prudent investment.

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Lascombes' 1989 has an aroma of roasted peanuts. A muscular, tannic wine, it exhibits a powerful, rich, alcoholic finish. I would not be surprised to see this wine turn out much better than my rating. Anticipated maturity: Now-2002.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 February 1993

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