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2003 Lascombes

By Chateau Lascombes

2003 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes, Margaux, Bordeaux

In the tempered climes of Bordeaux, vintages can be capricious, yet the 2003 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes stands as a testament to tenacity in the face of adversity. This was a year when sweltering heatwaves swept across Europe, challenging vintners and vines alike. It was, however, these very climatic trials that engendered such distinctiveness in the 2003 Lascombes, bestowed with an atypical richness for a Margaux.


An Expression of Resilience and Elegance

The dedication at Chateau Lascombes to coax the finest expressions from their terroir is palpable with every sip of this storied vintage. The thermal onslaught of 2003 seemed only to embolden the roots to delve deeper, past parched earth to water-bearing strata, bestowing upon the grapes a remarkable concentration and an almost paradoxical vitality amidst the scorching summer.

The result is a wine of plush plum and decadent dark cherry notes, harmoniously layered with hints of cedar and subtle spice procured from time-honoured oak barrel ageing. While many wines of this vintage revealed their cards early on, the 2003 Lascombes has gracefully danced through maturation with a poise that beckons wine investment consideration.


A Noble Investment: The 2003 Vintage’s Journey

The evolution of the 2003 vintage has been assiduously watched by enthusiasts and investors alike; it demonstrates a side of Bordeaux that is seldom seen. This particular vintage from Chateau Lascombes enriches portfolios not only with its exquisite complexity but also with its story - one of triumph over meteorological extremes.

With such exuberance wrapped in elegance, the 2003 Lascombes presents a vibrant synthesis of concentration and balance. A resplendent choice for connoisseurs looking to diversify with a vintage that captures an extraordinary year in Bordeaux winemaking history.

As we reflect on the harmonious maturity seen today in this vintage, it stands out as one of restrained power and depth - attributes that poised investors will no doubt find beguiling. The journey of the 2003 Lascombes from Chateau Lascombes is an intricate tapestry woven with both the sun's fiery temperament and the vintner's deft hand, yielding a Margaux destined to command admiration among collections.

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This sumptuous, rich, complex Margaux reveals a fragrant nose of cedarwood, spring flowers, spice box, black currants and earth. Medium to full-bodied with silky tannins and a dense, plum/ruby/purple color, this fully mature 2003 can be enjoyed over the next 5-6 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2014


In less than five years this property has emerged as one of the appellation’s up and coming stars thanks to the infusion of money from the American conglomerate, Colony Capital, as well as the braintrust that now oversees the winemaking, Yves Vatelot (of Reignac fame) and the internationally renowned oenologist, Michel Rolland. The dark plum/ruby-hued, open-knit 2003 offers a big, sweet nose of barbecue smoke, plum liqueur, creme de cassis, flowers, new saddle leather, and damp earth. Loads of black fruits, a full-bodied palate impression, low acidity, and a savory, expansive mouthfeel suggest it can be drunk in 2-3 years, or cellared for 15+.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #164


Starts off a little earthy, but then turns bright and fruity with a wonderful intensity on the nose. Full bodied, with lovely juicy fruit, tobacco, and chocolate. Pull the cork on this. Find the wine

James Suckling -, March 14th 2011


Tasted at Bordeaux Index’s “10-Year On” tasting in London. This is the one real surprise on the Left Bank, although perusing my older notes, it seems to have remembered how well it showed out of barrel! The Lascombes 03 displays a much better nose than I expected and is certainly fresher than the Brane-Cantenac tasted alongside. Light boysenberry and bilberry fruit mingling with cloves and cedar-wood. The palate is medium-bodied with palpable New World persona. That is not necessarily a bad thing because at least there is more freshness to be found here and the finish displays more weight and fruitiness. This appears to be ageing better than many of its neighbours. Tasted March 2013.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2013

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