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2006 Margaux

By Chateau Margaux

2006 Margaux from Chateau Margaux, Margaux, Bordeaux

The venerable 2006 Margaux from Chateau Margaux stands as a testament to the resilience and finesse that the Bordeaux region can elicit, even in vintages that presented challenges. A year noted for its capricious climate, with a scorching July followed by an uneven August, required the astuteness and skill of Chateau Margaux's team to craft a wine of such poise and stature.


An Exemplar of Elegance Amidst Climatic Caprice

The initial concerns shared among vignerons across Bordeaux were allayed when September ushered in desirable conditions, essential for the maturation of the grapes. The culmination of this vintage is enshrined in this 2006 Margaux, which exudes the hallmark sophistication expected from its noble lineage but with unique attributes that echo the vintage's narrative.

Upon decanting, the wine reveals a sovereign blend of richly woven tannins and an olfactory bouquet that unfolds with black currant, violets, and hints of cedar. This medley precedes a palate distinguished by its structured but utterly caressing nature. Layers of blackberry confiture and a subtle hint of tapenade speak to the sun-bathed days of July, balanced by an undercurrent of wet stone and tobacco leaf—the imprint of a cooler September reprieve.


Investment Worthy: The 2006 Vintage’s Graceful Evolution

From an investment standpoint, the 2006 Margaux carries the potential for continued graceful ageing. A somewhat undervalued vintage amidst its illustrious neighbours in time, it bears potential as a burgeoning treasure within any connoisseur's portfolio. The evolving secondary characteristics suggest this wine is entering a beguiling phase of its life cycle, promising intriguing complexity to those patient investors adhering to judicious cellaring.

In summation, one might capture the essence of the 2006 Margaux from Chateau Margaux as a radiant example of equanimity under climatic adversity. Its constitution serenely counters the trials imprinted by its natal year, offering a storied tapestry for those who seek profundity in their investments. The foresight to appreciate its subtle ascension could well reward the astute collector


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Tasted blind at Southwold ’06 Bordeaux tasting. Here is an example of pure unadulterated Cabernet on the nose with superlative definition and vigour. Crushed stones, a touch of blackberry and black olive, conservative and blue blooded. The palate is full-bodied with sturdy, dense tannins; reserved and masculine with a beguiling tobacco tinged finish that displays superb delineation and focus. Very pure with incredible persistency, this Margaux actually reminds me of a top Lafite! Divine. Tasted January 2010.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2010


It is worth noting that when the bottled 2006 Chateau Margaux, which appeared closed and less impressive than I had predicted from barrel, was retasted alongside the remarkable 2008, I elevated my score to 94+. It does not possess the size or power of the 2008 or 2005, but the 2006 exhibits impressive density, a deeper color, and the beautifully textured, pure style that is a hallmark of this estate. Moreover, it is relatively precocious, and can be drunk now or cellared for 25+ years.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #182 April 2009


Tasted at Bordeaux Index's annual 10-Year On tasting in London.The 2006 Château Margaux has a sense of airiness and wonderful definition on the nose: wild strawberry, redcurrant, cedar and crushed roses soaring from the glass, but it never strives for the opulence of say the 2006 Château Palmer. The palate is very well balanced with fine and quite firm tannin in the mouth. This seems to be approaching its plateau after a decade. While not a powerful or ostentatious Château Margaux, it epitomizes understatement and refinement in a similar vein to Lafite-Rothschild. It is only after the wine has been swallowed that you appreciate its qualities and you feel urged to go back for another sip. Tasted January 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 May 2016

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