Chateau Margaux   Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux

1996 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux

By Chateau Margaux

1996 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux, Margaux, Bordeaux

Embarking upon a review of the 1996 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux from Chateau Margaux is akin to uncovering a cherished chapter in Bordeaux history. This vintage stands as a beacon of meticulous cultivation, springing from a year that gifted us with both sumptuous ripeness and noble structure. The autumnal equinox heralded a harvest that would cement the 1996 vintage's legacy, particularly for Margaux wines which harnessed the season's largess with impeccable grace.


Elegance and Investment: A Harmonious Blend

Investors with an eye for both eminence and potential cannot overlook the allure of this particular Pavillon Rouge. Beneath its cloak of time, the wine teases with layers unfurling to reveal an orchestration of dark fruits subtly interwoven with hints of cedar and earth. Experienced collectors are privy to the benefits held within these mature profiles, where secondary characteristics elevate classic Bordeaux blends into investment-worthy art pieces.


An Auspicious Year, An Inspired Wine

The 1996 vintage set itself apart through the juxtaposition of initial austerity and eventual exuberance; a palpable tension exists within this Pavillon Rouge that posits it as a treasure trove of sensory exploration. Time in the bottle has mitigated youthful rigours, introducing dialogue between supple tannins and a still-vibrant acidity. Discerning palates will appreciate how gracefully this vintage stands today, testimony to well-crafted vineyard management and judicious winemaking.

Cognisant investors keenly eye wines like the 1996 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux from Chateau Margaux for their robust aging potential. Their preference leans towards vintages with provenanced poise—a narrative well-embodied by this memorable wine. Poised now at an exemplary drinking plateau yet promising further evolution, it befits portfolios seeking aesthetics as much as it does returns.

As we reflect on this 1996 marvel from Chateau Margaux, one finds reassurance in its sustained elegance and investment viability. While some wines rush prematurely towards their apex, the Pavillon Rouge remains a testament to virtue acquired through patience; embodying an equilibrium that is majestic and unyielding—qualities paramount for those who cultivate collections with longevity in mind.

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First tasted in February 2001 when it was very impressive, tannic and backward. But a perplexing bottle at Farr's 1996 horizontal in September 2006. A much lighter, more ethereal nose than the second wine here. Wild strawberry, redcurrant and cherry, but less intense. A sweet cherry/strawberry infused palate. Not as highly extracted as the other wines. Light and approachable. Linear finish.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal

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