Chateau Margaux   Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux

2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux

By Chateau Margaux

2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux by Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux

Embarking on a sensory exploration of the 2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux is to delve into an anthology of sophistication defined by the rigours of an intriguing Bordeaux vintage. This second wine from the storied cellars of Chateau Margaux stands as a testament to the deft adaptation and unwavering quality synonymous with the Margaux appellation.


The Marks of a Challenging Vintage

The year 2002 was characterised by climatic caprice, which cast a profound influence on the yields and profiles across Bordeaux. While mother nature insisted upon resilience, Chateau Margaux responded with remarkable grace. The resulting 2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux conspicuously embodies this triumph with its finesse and balance.

The vintage unfolds in layers of subtlety – a genteel nod to both its lineage and the temperate, dry harvest period that honed its structure. Here we find the elegance of mature tannins interwoven with a refined medley of dark fruits and a whisper of earthiness – hallmarks of a nobly bred Margaux nurtured through adversity.


Investment and Enjoyment: A Fine Lineage

In investment parlance, the 2002 offering has emerged as an astute choice for collectors. Beyond its storied provenance, it is the wine's eloquent evolution which speaks volumes. It is in this enigmatic character that opportunity for both maturation and market appreciation lies.

The 2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux, now poignantly poised in its maturity, befits a prominent position amongst the select. Its discreet energy and complexity promise further unfolding tales to those with an appreciation for liquid narrative imbued with historic vintner artistry.

In this confluence of heritage and hallmark vintage idiosyncrasies, lies an intriguing proposition for fine wine investors navigating the nuanced terrain of Bordeaux's liquid jewels.

In summary, the 2002 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux captures the spirited essence of a testing year through unyielding elegance and potential richness - attributes that make it undeniably compelling for both connoisseurs and investors alike.

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This has an open expressive nose with upfront notes of forest floor, dried herbs and a touch of pencil shavings. Medium-bodied on the palate, quite fleshy and supple, without the depth of a better growing season with an understated blackberry, graphite-tinged finish. Drink now-2012. Tasted July 2008.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2009


Not nearly as concentrated, although elegant, in a much lighter style than the 2003, with notes of cedar, herbs, red and black currants as well as licorice, this is a medium-bodied, more streamlined and austere Pavillon Rouge to drink over the next decade.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2005

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