Chateau La Mission Haut Brion   La Mission Haut Brion

2001 La Mission Haut Brion

By Chateau La Mission Haut Brion

2001 La Mission Haut Brion from Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux

Embarking on a vinous odyssey through the cellars of time, it's the 2001 La Mission Haut Brion from Chateau La Mission Haut Brion that captivates the connoisseur's imagination with its remarkable vivacity and structure. Crafted amidst the gravelly soils of the eminent Pessac-Leognan appellation in Bordeaux, this vintage reveals the fruits of a year that deftly sidestepped early forecasts of difficulty to unfurl into an exceptional harvest.


Character and Complexity: A Vintage to Revere

The 2001 vintage for Bordeaux stood on the brink of austerity yet emerged with admirable flair. While lesser years quake at the prospect of capricious weather patterns, 2001 was lauded for producing refined and age-worthy offerings. The La Mission Haut Brion from this year is no exception; its layering and subtlety showcase an artful expression of terroir interwoven with time's careful touch.

The wine unravels with precision on the palate, unearthing a tapestry of deep, dark berries, smoky cedar, and an intriguing hint of leather – hallmarks of a well-aged Pessac-Leognan. Its minerality speaks to the soil from which it springs, grounding the tasting experience in the terroir so beloved by Bordeaux aficionados.


An Oenophile's Investment

For those wise in the world of fine wine investment, attention to vintage-specific attributes is paramount. The investment profile of the 2001 La Mission Haut Brion shines with its storied provenance and quality. A contemplative wine such as this commands respect in private collections and suggests promise for future appreciation in both esteem and monetary value.

In summation, the 2001 La Mission Haut Brion exudes a seasoned elegance that bespeaks its lineage and epoch. In a year that turned out unexpectedly generous for vintners, this wine stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability inherent in truly great winemaking practices. The nuanced bouquet, integrated tannins, and sustained finish signal a vintage that not only enhances one’s cellar but holds great potential as a sound investment in the fabric of viniculture history.

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Tasted blind at Bordeaux Index's 10-Year On horizontal. This has another lovely bouquet, quite floral and lifted with outstanding delineation with small dark cherries, orange blossom, wild strawberry and a touch of cooked meat. Very complex and absorbing. The palate is medium-bodied with a slightly ferrous entry, superb balance with just a faint hint of pepper. Lovely delineation and symmetry here with great focus and poise. It just builds and builds towards the menthol-tinged finish. Outstanding. Tasted March 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2011


The 2001's juicy, peppery, meaty bouquet reveals notions of black currants, black cherries, tobacco leaf, and smoky barbecue. This expressive, medium-bodied, seductive La Mission has shed most of its tannin, revealing a gentle roundness. The wine builds incrementally in the mouth, finishing with impressive purity and length. Neither the biggest nor most flamboyant La Mission-Haut-Brion, it is a classic example to drink over the next 10-15 years while waiting for the bombastic, massive 2000 to evolve.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #153

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