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1982 Pape Clement

By Chateau Pape Clement

1982 Pape Clement from Chateau Pape Clement, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux

The fêted wines of Bordeaux are often encapsulated by the outstanding vintage of 1982, a year which delivered one masterpiece after another. No stranger to this oenological renaissance is the 1982 Pape Clement from Chateau Pape Clement. This vintage stands out dazzlingly in a lineage famed for producing wines of formidable structure and longevity.


Unearthing the Essence of 1982

Four decades glimmer on this magnificent specimen, yet it has burgeoned into a testament to the exquisite craftwork at Chateau Pape Clement. This hallowed year bore forth climatic gold for Bordelais vignerons; a benign winter, a splendid spring, followed by a summer of plentiful sunshine and an impeccable harvest. Here lies the groundwork that enabled the 1982 Pape Clement to become an investment-grade jewel in any connoisseur’s collection.


An Exemplary Display of Terroir and Time

Tasting the 1982 Pape Clement is akin to examining the opulent threads woven through time’s rich tapestry. Its colour, now softened to a garnet hue, narrates the passage of years, while on the nose, an evolving complexity presents itself; black truffle entwines with notes of cured tobacco, mature figs, and subtle hints of cedar. The palate luxuriates with a splendour of ripe berries and plum married harmoniously with mellowed tannins and an elegant vestige of oak. It is a wine that reverberates with the maturity and finesse that only truly great vintages can espouse.


A Timeless Choice for Fine Wine Investors

In the realm of fine wine investment, remarkably few wines stir the soul as one encounters them. The 1982 Pape Clement is such a treasure—bewitching collectors with its balance and poise. Decades have polished its facets to reveal a diamond amongst stones, remaining one of the shining highlights from Bordeaux's exceptional '82 tableau.

The irrefutable stature and splendour of this vintage echo with each appreciative sip, concurring with the opinion that those who have the privilege to uncork this masterpiece hold not just a bottle but a slice of vinous history in their hands.

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A mature, tawny rimmed colour. The nose is typically -Graves- with scents of cedar, singed leather, briary, cigar box and a touch of wild mint. Good definition but lacking a little vivacity. The palate is certainly mature, rather diffuse with soft, furry tannins and low acidity. Mocha on the finish that deserves more grip and persistency, but this wine has a degree of charm. Drink now. Tasted November 2007.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2008

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