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2015 Pape Clement

By Chateau Pape Clement

2015 Pape Clement from Château Pape Clement, Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux

Embarking on a sensory voyage through the prestigious terroirs of Pessac-Léognan brings us to the storied gates of Château Pape Clement, where tradition and modernity converge with exceptional grace. The 2015 vintage of Pape Clement encapsulates a year that many connoisseurs deem a near mythic alignment of climate and craft. It was a season marked by divine intervention, where warm days and cool nights bestowed upon us an offering that captivates with both power and finesse.


An Ode to an Illustrious Vintage

The 2015 vintage arose from a growing year that whispered perfection at every turn. Despite early trepidations concerning the dry summer, the vines reached their crescendo measuredly, with September rains sparingly refreshing the earth's canvas. In this climate, the vineyard's rigorously nurtured vines—venerable sentinels of their prestigious lineage—yielded fruit replete with balanced tannins and an intensity of flavour seldom matched in preceding annals.


The Dialect of Terroir

Crafted with a blend dominated by Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by Petit Verdot's whisper-soft accents, the 2015 Pape Clement is an eloquent discourse in the language of Bordeaux's identity. A bouquet brimming with blackcurrant and ripe black cherries coalesces with subtle undertones of smoky cedarwood, setting the stage for a palate imbued with refined spice, graphite, and a hint of comforting dark chocolate.

The texture—a tapestry woven from velvety richness—is tempered artfully with pleasing acidity, bestowing upon this noble creation a lingering composure that unfolds like the unfolding narrative of a well-loved tome. Possessing correspondingly impressive structure, this vintage promises longevity that beckons dedicated cellarage for those who appreciate patience's reward.


The Investment Appeal of 2015

In finery akin to Pessac-Leognan's top tier, the 2015 Pape Clement emerges as one of the most investable vintages in recent memory. It represents not simply an emblematic snapshot of a singular year, but also testifies to the meticulous artistry evident at Château Pape Clement. Esteemed investors recognise its potential for majesty across decades; so too should it grace any collection aspiring to finesse and stature. Delight in the knowledge that his exceptional vintage is poised narrate its splendour for years to come.

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Shows amazing depth of fruit with fabulous polish and length. Electric acidity. Full body, very integrated and refined tannins. Phenolic finesse shows here. Great finish. It lasts for minutes. Best young Pape Clément I have tasted. Grows in the glass.

James Suckling -


The 2015 Pape Clement is a blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc. It was cropped at 40 hl/ha between 25 September and 15 October with berry by berry destemming. It has a drop-dead gorgeous bouquet that continues the ever greater finesse that has been imparted into this Pape-Clément in recent years. It is extremely precise, almost crystalline. The palate is underpinned by fine tannin, pitch-perfect acidity, a sense of cohesion and harmony that is outstanding. There is not a hair out of place on this barrel sample and it will doubtless evolve into one of the best wines this state has produced since the 14th century, when Bertrand de Goth was planting its first vines. This comes highly recommended - a Pape-Clément that will reward those who can resist temptation and cellar this wine for 10+ years. Tasted on four separate occasions.

Neal Martin -, #224, April 2016


Big, broad and overt in style, with a thick frame of espresso and roasted apple wood around a core of dense plum paste and cassis flavors. Strides along authoritatively, as melted licorice and fruitcake notes fill in on the hefty finish. Shows more style than [i]terroir[n], but pulls it off.—J.M.

Wine Spectator - James Molesworth -


No tasting note available.

Tim Atkin -


Very dark. Sweet yet fresh - very beguiling initially but maybe a little overdone. Intense and almost as though concentrated. Rather dry on the end. Hard work on the end.

Jancis Robinson -

Vintage performance