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1982 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

1982 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

When one reflects on the extraordinary 1982 vintage in Bordeaux, it is impossible not to extoll the virtues of the 1982 Clinet from Chateau Clinet. This vintage stands as a beacon within the Chateau's illustrious history and has become a pivotal reference point for fine wine enthusiasts and investors alike. The fabled '82 season is renowned for its favourable climatic conditions—an early bud break followed by a warm summer and timely harvest—culminating in wines of superb concentration and vigour.


Investment-Grade Elegance: The 1982 Clinet Vintage

The investment allure of the 1982 Clinet presents as clearly as its purple-edged garnet hue in the glass. Chateau Clinet's offering from this distinguished year exerts a magnetic pull on collectors due to the near-perfect conditions that led to its creation. Noting that serious investors should be privy to acquiring parcels of such vintages, this wine exhibits an impeccable structure, matched by a lively interplay between established maturity and enduring vitality—a duality that commands attention.


A Palate Portrait of a Remarkable Year

In the glass, scents of blackcurrant, truffles, and Cuban cigar box waft towards the senses; a testimony to this Pomerolian giant's regal maturity. A sip transports the palate through a tapestry of decadent dark fruit flavours, framed by velvety tannins that have softened to perfection over decades. To conclude the experience, a finish resplendent with hints of liquorice—echoes of terroir and time perfectly entwined.

The harmonious balance found in the 1982 Clinet is exceptionally rare, reflecting both a mastery in viniculture and the generosity of nature. For those intent on expanding their portfolio with a wine that embodies both historical significance and enological excellence, this Clinet vintage is undeniably auspicious.


Summing up 1982: An Oenophilic Odyssey

In summation, the 1982 Clinet is a paragon of Pomerol's prowess and a bastion for Bordeaux collectors. As fine wine investments grow evermore nuanced, one recognises that certain vintage bottles not only stand as assets but also serve as historical statements. The 1982 bottle from Chateau Clinet encapsulates this sentiment entirely—a testament to its time and an undeniable treasure within the world of wine.

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Today, Clinet is one of the most exciting wines of France, but in 1982, it was one of that country's most conspicuous under-achievers. In 1982, machine harvesters were used, yields were high, there was no selection, and little new oak was utilized. The results were mushy, diffuse, loosely constructed wines such as this 1982, which is approaching full collapse . Since the mid-eighties, under the inspired leadership of Jean-Michel Arcaute, Clinet has become one of the bright shining stars of winedom, with a bevy of outstanding wines beginning in 1987 and peaking with the other-worldly, virtually perfect 1989 and 1994. Brilliant wines were also produced in 1990 and 1993. Tasted 2 times since bottling with consistent notes.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 1995

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