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2001 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

2001 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The turn of the millennium heralded a series of peaks and valleys for Bordeaux, but none quite so captivating as the 2001 vintage. This particular year was one that put winemakers to the test, challenging their expertise against the elements. The 2001 Clinet from Chateau Clinet stands as a testament to their triumph over adversity.


Nuanced Mastery: A Mirror to 2001

Chateau Clinet has long been synonymous with consummate wine crafting, and their 2001 vintage encapsulates this repute. After a fairly wet spring, an indifferent summer ensued but was thankfully redeemed by an exceptionally dry and sunny September. It was these defining climatic traits that shepherded the Merlot-dominant blend from Chateau Clinet towards its remarkable complexity.

This 2001 Clinet offers an aromatic cascade that reveals layers of truffle, plums, and earthy tones. The palate follows through with opulent textures of dark berry fruits underpinned by gentle echoes of oak and soft tannins. The gracefulness with which the elements intertwine speaks volumes of a vintage that comfortably settles among the estate's more notable triumphs.


An Investment Wine with Provenance

For enthusiasts and fine wine investors alike, provenance is paramount, and the 2001 Clinet represents not just exceptional oenology, but also significant investment potential. Akin to fine art, this wine exhibits a finesse akin to affordability and age-worthy structure; a combination that forms an irresistible proposition for any discerning portfolio.

The passage of time has only served to enhance its allure; with two decades under its belt, the 2001 Clinet from Chateau Clinet now strides forth with quiet confidence — a regal presence in any cellar. Therein lies the marriage of pleasure and pragmatism: a distinguished vintage offering both silken drinking experiences and prudent capital appreciation.

In conclusion, while Pomerol's earthly paradise has birthed numerous laudable vintages, the 2001 Clinet navigates its own distinct path within that celebrated lineage — one punctuated by subtlety, elegance and maturity, commanding genuine consideration from wine aficionados and investors seeking depth and durability in their Bordeaux selections.

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Served from an ex-chateau double magnum, the larger format has a key role to play here, the nose more backward than from bottles, the savoury component less pronounced. Instead you get those lovely peppermint-tinged black fruit with hints of violets and iodine. The palate displays fine tannins and there is great depth here, although I still find the finish just a little clipped. Tasted May 2013.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jul 2013


Always difficult to judge in its youth, the 2001 Clinet exhibits a dense plum/purple color along with a nose of Asian spices (particularly soy), blackberries, raisins, and a hint of prunes. Medium to full-bodied, with good expansiveness, moderate tannin, and an elegant finish, it should round into shape in 1-2 years, and evolve for a decade.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2004

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