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2003 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

2003 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The turn of the millennium saw a string of atmospheric idiosyncrasies, none more influential than the fierce summer of 2003. Those conditions have forged, in suitable hands, wines of exceptional depth and character. The 2003 Clinet from Chateau Clinet encapsulates this concurrence of fortitude and finesse.


A Merlot Marvel with Storied Layers

The torrid heat and consequential drought in Bordeaux's Pomerol region bestowed upon the Merlot a rare concentration that year. While some chateaux struggled to balance power with poise, Chateau Clinet mastered this equilibrium. The 2003 Clinet manifests a labyrinth of complexities; plums and blackberries form its rich, dark heart. Meanwhile, tendrils of tobacco and truffle delicately weave in secondary aromatics, contributing to an honest yet graceful provenance.


Decanting Opulence: A Virtue in Patience

This vintage exudes a corpulent structure yet refrains from heaviness; its velvety tannins denote maturity but invite further pondering in the cellar. The generous climate of 2003 has been harnessed rather than hindered, thereby sculpting a Pomerol that engages the palatte with its voluptuousness without overwhelming it.

Distinguished savants of wine investment herald vintages such as these for their charismatic aging potential. Amidst the patient canvas of time, the 2003 Clinet from Chateau Clinet will continue its ascent, promising compelling returns for those who discern its latent grandeur.


Collectable Caliber: An Oenophile's Asset

As a wine critic, noting the pedigree and potential of such vintages becomes second nature. For investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with formidable Bordeaux wines, this vintage offers an unmissable opportunity. Its evolved yet enduring charm reflects both a storied season and the winemaking prowess synonymous with Chateau Clinet.

Whether for immediate delight or long-term appreciation, the 2003 Clinet from Chateau Clinet is a formidable presence in any collection. It is a testament to a year when nature's furnace forged a bottled treasury—one that will continue to reward those who understand the intersection of artistry, terroir, and patience in the world of fine wines.

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The 2003 Clinet is disappointing. Light to medium-bodied and soft, with hints of over-ripe, nearly raisiny, black currant and fig-like characteristics, it exhibits a late harvest-like style with low acidity, sweet fruit, abundant glycerin, and a disjointed mouthfeel. Drink it over the next 7-8 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 23 April 2006


Tasted at Bordeaux Index's '10-Year On' tasting in London. The Clinet 2003 puts the Gazin 2003 in the shade with a far more precocious bouquet: peppermint, dark cherries and blueberry fruit that is unashamedly New World in style, though compared to outstanding successes in 2009 and 2010 it lacks some class. But there is at least some freshness here. The palate is medium-bodied with a slightly acetic opening. It seems a little overdone, a little showy when there is not that much to offer compared to the ethereal vintages of late and again, the raisin-tinged finish suffers from monotony. Tasted March 2013.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2013

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