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2004 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

2004 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The landscape of Bordeaux can always be relied upon to imprint its unique climatic narrative onto the essence of its produce, and the 2004 vintage from Chateau Clinet presents no exception to the rule. This Pomerol offering exquisitely narrates the tale of a year that was marked by some meteorological challenges yet led to an unexpected triumph, particularly in the Right Bank.


Subtle Elegance in a Challenging Year

The 2004 Clinet brings to the fore an elegance which may have eluded less dedicated vineyards during this climatically mercurial year. A generally moderate season with a damp August and warm September paved the way for grapes that ripened just enough to render complexity and finesse—a stark contrast to the more opulent vintages before and after.

On approach, the wine’s bouquet alludes to this subtle defiance with hints of truffle, dark cherries, and a nuanced earthiness that is undeniably Pomerol. The palate follows suit, delivering a rich tapestry woven from mature tannins and a medium body that moves gracefully towards a lingering finish. A curatorial blend of Merlot with a tasting touch of Cabernet Franc gifts this vintage a balance that invites contemplation as well as enjoyment.


An Astute Addition to Any Fine Wine Portfolio

In terms of investment, the 2004 Clinet offers a particularly astute opportunity for enthusiasts looking to diversify their holdings. While not commanding the breathless attentions of its more ostentatious siblings, this vintage stands as one of considered poise—a dark horse in an underestimated year that is steadily gaining recognition for its aging potential.

Connoisseurs will appreciate how the climatic idiosyncrasies of 2004 at Chateau Clinet have been expertly harnessed. This creates a Pomerol offering that delivers both an appetising choice for current consumption and an intriguing proposition for longer-term maturation. Whether approached as a drinking pleasure or as part of a discerning investor's portfolio, the 2004 Clinet stands as a testament to the resilience and craft inherent in this emerald pocket of Bordeaux.

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As recent vintages have tended to be, the 2004 Clinet is a strong effort. Its dark purple color is followed by classic aromas and flavors of truffles, mocha, espresso roast, plums, jammy black cherries, and darker fruits. Medium-bodied and ripe with light to moderate tannin, it should drink nicely for 10-15 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2007


Tasted blind at Bordeaux Index’s Clinet vertical. This has a ripe blackcurrant, blueberry and seaweed-tinged bouquet, quite opulent in style and developing a touch of Japanese umeboshi with time. The palate is full-bodied with dense, grippy tannins, very assertive but missing some elegance. There is an attractive spicy touch towards the finish, but there is a “compactness” to this Clinet that means that it does not really “flow” like the 2006. Tasted February 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal May 2011

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