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2014 Clinet

By Chateau Clinet

2014 Clinet from Chateau Clinet, Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

Perched on the iconic plateau of Pomerol, Chateau Clinet's terroir has again revealed its prowess through the 2014 Clinet, a vintage that eloquently articulates the finesse of the region under the stewardship of managing director Ronan Laborde. Amidst a year defined by climatic hurdles, this offering emerges not just as a triumph over nature's variances but as a testament to meticulous viticulture and astute winemaking.


Nuanced Vintage, Noteworthy Investment

The 2014 vintage in Bordeaux stands out for its trials and surprises; it was a growing season that truly parsed the good from the grandiose within this noble winemaking region. The 2014 Clinet, intricate in its structural composition, asserts itself with quiet confidence amidst its cohort, offering investors a genteel voyage into Pomerol's respected legacy — a vintage certain to climb amidst connoisseurs’ rankings.


Olfactory Elegance and Palate Precision

Unveiling its narrative, the 2014 Clinet unfurls with an olfactory ballet—an intricate choreography of ripe black plums, subtle oak influence, and a whisper of truffle that preludes Pomerol's earthy splendour. On the palate, it possesses a precision rarely found: tannins honed to a palpable finesse harmonising with dark berry notes and a vein of acidity that promises resilience and longevity. This vintage flaunts an alluring potential to evolve spectacularly within the sanctuary of subterranean cellars.

Fine wine investment wisdom espouses the virtue of patience; this 2014 Clinet from Chateau Clinet is an embodiment of that principle. An unequivocal opportunity beckons wine enthusiasts and investors alike to indulge in the promise held within each bottle’s refined contours — a Pomerol prize sure to yield both sensory delight and investment returns for years to come.

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Tim Atkin - (04/2015)


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The 2014 Clinet was a wine that perplexed when I tasted it from barrel and as a consequence, it was one that I went back and retasted three or four times during that primeur campaign. Now in bottle, the bouquet has improved and developed more fruit concentration, armed with red plum, wild strawberry and blueberry scents. The palate is medium-bodied and quite refined, certainly not as opulent as other vintages from the estate, perhaps just missing a persistence on the angular finish. It is not a bad Clinet by a long stretch, it just feels a little constricted, especially compared to say the 2010 or 2015. I tasted this on three occasions, drawing the same conclusion each time.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2017


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Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate

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