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1998 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

1998 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

Turning our attention to the tenacious and charming 1998 Chateau Gazin from the esteemed Pomerol appellation, one discovers a wine that bestows upon the discerning palate a masterclass in the artistry of fine Bordeaux. A vintage expressive of the year's climatic benevolence, it stands as a testament to the remarkable resilience and adaptive prowess of this noble estate within Bordeaux's tapestry of vineyards.


Resilience Amidst Climatic Whimsy: A Vintage Synopsis

The year 1998 proved propitious for the right bank of Bordeaux, with Pomerol basking in favourable conditions whilst its nearby counterparts faced hurdles. Within this context, Chateau Gazin demonstrated its viticultural adeptness, yielding a harvest that encapsulated both the vigour and finesse characterizing the most accoladed offerings from this acclaimed terroir.


A Harmony of Elegance and Intensity

The 1998 Chateau Gazin articulates a synchrony between Merlot's plushness and Cabernet Franc's structure as any Pomerol connoisseur might hope to encounter. The passage of time has cradled its evolution, fostering a suppleness in tannins that entwine seamlessly with an enlivened fruit profile, seasoned graciously by undercurrents of truffle and earthier notes. This wine projects a matured state with ample vibrancy suggesting an admirable life yet ahead.

When engaging with this vintage, investors should note that it reflects not merely the proud lineage of Chateau Gazin but encapsulates the savory essence typical to a well-aged Pomerol from an auspicious year. Commendations must also extend to its prudent aging potential – a foundational criterion for any judicious addition to a curated investment portfolio.


In Summary: A Strategic Asset Amongst Bordeaux Gems

The 1998 Chateau Gazin, with its harmonious interplay of depth and maturity, emerges as an asset endowed with enticing investment qualities. Its appeal lies not only within its liquid narrative but as a representative artefact of a year where nature and vintner triumphed together in Bordeaux's complex clime. Honed by time and poised with an understated confidence, this wine remains one to be pursued by those who recognize the perennial dance between patience and reward in the world of fine wines.

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A dense ruby/purple color is followed by aromas of charred wood, coffee, blackberry and cherry fruit, and new saddle leather. Full-bodied, dense, chewy, and intense, this muscular as well as backward vin de garde requires cellaring. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2020.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 April 2001

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