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2003 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

The 2003 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The 2003 vintage in Bordeaux challenges conventional vintner wisdom, a year where the region's vineyards bore the brunt of scorching heat. In Pomerol, an appellation hailed for its powerful yet refined expressions of Merlot, the stakes were especially high. The 2003 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin stands as a testament to the winemaker's deft touch amidst climatic extremities.


A Testament to Resilience Amidst Heat

Famed for their nuanced complexity, the wines of Pomerol frequently embody an elegance which belies their structure. It's this very sophistication that was put to the test in 2003, as merciless heatwaves swept across Europe. Yet Chateau Gazin emerged less singed than one might fear—demonstrating remarkable resilience. This is a Pomerol that did not just survive the vintage; it wielded the oppressive heat to sculpt something memorable.

The 2003 Chateau Gazin conveys depth and concentration, whilst still honoring the quintessential plummy character of Merlot. It reveals a seductive bouquet of ripe blackberries and earthy truffles with an underpinning of sophisticated oak. On the palate, one finds a complex interplay of dense fruit core wrapped in mature tannins, paired with a silkiness that is unusual for such an intensely sun-soaked year.


Investment Potential of a Striking Vintage

When considering wine investment, provenance is paramount and the Pomerol appellation carries significant prestige. The enduring appeal of powerhouse vintages like 2000 or 2005 is well noted; however, investors should not overlook the intrigue surrounding the 2003 vintage for its unique expression shaped under arduous conditions.

For connoisseurs keen on exploring nuanced chapters in Bordeaux’s rich enological narrative, securing allocations of the 2003 Chateau Gazin is a compelling proposition. This wine reveals not just the character of Merlot under duress but also speaks to the skill exemplified at Chateau Gazin—to deliver poise when nature asserts its might.

The 2003 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin encapsulates an enigmatic year with boldness and grace—a keen interest for investors and collectors alike. Its singularity and resilience render it a noteworthy constituent in any refined portfolio of fine wines.

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Young and full-bodied with a dense plum/garnet color, the 2003 Gazin offers up sweet aromas of cedarwood, red and black fruits, and mocha. A strong Pomerol for the vintage, it is still exuberant and fresh although the finish becomes increasingly dry as well as astringent. Drink it up.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2014

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