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2004 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

2004 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

Nestled in the revered grounds of Pomerol, Bordeaux, the 2004 vintage from Chateau Gazin asserts its stature with a graceful poise that belies the challenging climatic conditions of the year. As I uncork this storied bottle, one can't help but marvel at the resilience and charm woven into the fabric of this noble red.


A Timelessly Elegant Investment

The trials of 2004 saw an initial wet period in Bordeaux, countered by a magnificent Indian summer preceding harvest. This twist of fate worked in favour of diligent producers like Chateau Gazin, coaxing out a robust tannic structure admixed with a maturity that hints at the storied terroir's capabilities. It is precisely this alluring complexity that underlines its investment-worthy nature within an oenophile's portfolio.


Refined Complexity: The Sensorial Tapestry of 2004 Chateau Gazin

Upon first taste, the wine reveals an enigmatic blend of dark fruit entwined with earthy undertones, a signifier of its Pomerolian heritage. The mid-palate is caressed by subtle notes of truffle and leather, while whispers of spice on the finish offer a final flourish to this already sophisticated ensemble. With years in bottle, the 2004 Chateau Gazin has developed beautifully nuanced hints of tertiary character without forsaking its original vibrant fruit layers—a testament to the deft craftsmanship at Chateau Gazin.

This particular vintage represents an intriguing chapter for investors and connoisseurs alike; it offers the opportunity to experience a slice of Bordeaux history through a remarkable wine, now in its prime drinking window, yet still promising shelf life under optimal conditions.


Concluding Notes on a Seasoned Performer

In summary, exploring the intricacies of the 2004 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin is akin to delving into a classic novel—each sip unveils subtleties and depth that reward the patient investor. Its understated excellence amidst a volatile season makes this Pomerol offering one to admire within one's collection—not only for its palate but also as a mature candidate solidifying its worth in fine wine circles.

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A big time sleeper of the vintage, the 2004 Gazin exhibits aromas of cedar wood, plum pudding, sweet cherries, figs, and black currants. Medium to full-bodied, pure, and elegant with substantial depth as well as terrific aging potential, it should be at its peak between 2009-2022.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2007

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