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2005 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

2005 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

A vintage that shines in the storied narrative of Bordeaux, the 2005 Chateau Gazin from the Pomerol appellation offers a remarkable snapshot of a region's mastery in a year that Bordeaux enthusiasts still speak of with hushed reverie. This particular harvest was graced with an ideal amalgamation of sunny days and cool nights, providing the perfect theatre for the Merlot-dominated blend to perform its opus.


Vintage Vigour: The 2005 Hallmark

The 2005 vintage from Chateau Gazin stands as a testament to the estate's commitment to expressing the quintessence of Pomerol's terroir. As one delves into this vintage, it becomes clear how the season's optimum conditions have sculpted its profile. A wine structured with precision, it showcases tannins that are both resolute and elegant—a factor that has contributed significantly to its longevity and makes it a covetable choice for astute wine investors.


An Ensemble of Complexity and Charm

Upon pouring, one is greeted with an aromatic ballet where dark plums and black currants pirouette amid earthier undertones of truffle and wet forest floor. The influence of oak is harmoniously integrated, offering whispers of vanilla and smoky cedar that accentuate, rather than overwhelm, the rich fruit core. On the palate, the 2005 iteration resonates with a concentration of flavour deftly balanced by a fresh acidity—an interplay that promises continued evolution in bottle.

Indeed, this is a vintage that marries power with poise; its mouthfeel is silken yet substantial, promising rewarding sipping moments now while indicating potential for further maturation. It is no hyperbole that discerning collectors seeking to enrich their portfolios would do well to secure allocations of the 2005 Chateau Gazin.


In Summation: Investable Elegance

To encapsulate both its allure as a drinkable treasure and as an investment asset, the 2005 vintage from Chateau Gazin is emblematic of all that makes Bordeaux vintages revered across collector echelons. The wine's sturdy backbone suggests it will continue to unfold its narrative intricacies given time, making it not only a wondrous sensory journey but also a savvy addition to any investment collection.

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The 2005 Gazin is a big, masculine, full-throttle Pomerol that comes closer to the style of a Pauillac than some of the other Pomerols. Nevertheless, this wine is locked and loaded, with an inky plum/purple color, stunning concentration, a boatload of tannin, and unlimited upside potential. Sweet cassis, plum, vanilla and truffle notes are followed by a dense, deep, profound wine with blackcurrant and black cherry fruit, high extraction, and a multi-layered texture. This is a long distance runner, even for a 2005, and probably won’t even be close to full maturity for another decade. It should easily last 30 or more years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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