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2007 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

2007 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the tapestry of Bordeaux's storied wine narrative, the 2007 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin represents a fascinating chapter. Known for its deep-rooted grace under the challenge of the elements, the 2007 vintage emerged as a sleeper hit in a year where the climatic tensions were palpable.


An Elegant Study in Resilience

The 2007 Pomerol vintage was one cradled by intrigue. An early bud break set a precedent, followed by a variable growing season. Summer, usually synonymous with warmth and sun-dappled vineyards, heralded trepidation amongst vintners with cooler temperatures and rains. Yet, it was this exact capriciousness that sculpted the nuances of 2007 Chateau Gazin.

As I poured out the deep garnet nectar, the immediate conveyance of fruit—think ripe plums and an undercurrent of blackcurrants—marched forth in regal procession. Soon to join were hints of truffle and earthy undertones, evidence of Pomerol's renowned terroir finding voice in that challenging harvest.


Finessed with Time

Patience is often rewarded with Bordeaux, and this axiom rings true with the 2007 vintage from Chateau Gazin. With decanting, subtle complexities rose to the fore—a masterclass in soft tannins enrobing svelte layers of dark chocolate and cedar notes. On the palate, there existed an alignment with Bordeaux's esteemed heritage yet marked by a distinctive character specific to this annum.

Wealthy wine investors have noted that while the blockbuster vintages often command rhapsodic acclaim and covetous attention, it is sometimes the quieter years that promise intriguing investment avenues. The 2007’s evolution has been benevolent; its maturity proffers an elegance that satiates both connoisseurs and investors seeking an adroit addition to their collection.


Curating Your Cellar Investment

The conversation on fine wines is ever-evolving. In considering additions to one's investment portfolio, particularly within Bordeaux's luxurious embrace, one encounters myriad choices. However, when presented with the 2007 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, there is a striking case for consideration; it threads complexity with an assured future potentiality which marks its intrinsic value.

In summation, the 2007 Chateau Gazin thrives as a testament to both viticultural expertise and the indomitable spirit of Pomerol's terroir. It stands among contenders as not merely a beverage but as a storied investment—one whose essence resonates far beyond its liquid state into realms of appreciable asset.

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Tasted at BI Wine & Spirits' 10-Years-On tasting, the 2007 Gazin is a Pomerol that I had not tasted for several years. It has a refined bouquet, not intense or overly complex, but offering pretty truffle-tinged dark berry fruit and a hint of oyster shell. The palate is medium-bodied with light tannin, linear and masculine in style, tapering in towards a slightly mean finish that could have benefited from more flesh, pulling up short on the aftertaste. Drink soon. Tasted February 2017.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 June 2017

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