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2011 Chateau Gazin

By Chateau Gazin

2011 Chateau Gazin from Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The 2011 vintage from Chateau Gazin in Pomerol extols the art of winemaking even in a year that presented vignerons across Bordeaux with challenges galore. This vintage, drawing from the historical prowess and winemaking finesse of Chateau Gazin, is woven with a tapestry of complexity that invites fine wine investors and aficionados alike to delve into its depths.


A Vintage Worth the Investor's Attention

The affinity for Merlot in Pomerol is no secret, and the 2011 Chateau Gazin harnesses this varietal to its utmost expression. In a year where the climatic seesaw veered towards drier conditions, the roots of Gazin's vines burrowed deeply into the famed clay-laden terroir, extracting a concentrated minerality and vestiges of earthiness that saddle beautifully alongside plump, fruit-laden vigour.

Fine wine investors navigating the undulations of Bordeaux vintages will find security in this offering. The tannins have mellowed graciously since bottling, unveiling an elegance in the 2011 Chateau Gazin that stands as testament to its investment potential. Notes of truffle, a hallmark of Pomerol's soil composition, interlace with a compote of dark berries and subtle hints of tobacco and cedar box on the nose.


Distinctive Traits from an Unyielding Terroir

The palate is where the 2011 Chateau Gazin truly asserts its identity. Notwithstanding a brisk start to the growing season and a consequent staggered ripening period, this wine exudes a balance seldom realised in such years. The luxuriant fabric of blackcurrant and plum is tailored by an acidity that preserves freshness—acuity that offers longevity, laying down solid ground for enduring appreciation among investors and collectors.

On conclusion, Chateau Gazin’s 2011 incarnation is indeed one for thoughtful contemplation. It stands as a beacon of robust resilience and adroit craftsmanship in an unpredictable year. With its matured character now emerging with grace and its inherent charm galvanised by time's passage, the 2011 vintage opens an invigorating chapter for Pomerol lovers—with inherent qualities suggesting an astute addition to any discerning wine portfolio.

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A powerful, virile 2011, Gazin reveals a dense ruby/purple color, a big, meaty, earthy richness, lots of coffee, black cherry liqueur and spice notes, and a full-bodied mouthfeel. It will benefit from another 3-4 years of cellaring and should keep for 15+ years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2014

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