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1986 La Conseillante

By Chateau La Conseillante

1986 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The esteemed 1986 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante epitomises the seductive charm for which Pomerol is renowned, yet with singular attributes that enliven the senses in a distinctive dance of time and terroir. This vintage emerged from a chateau with a legacy intertwined with the very essence of fine wine craftsmanship.


A Vintage of Elegance and Structure

The growing season preceding the harvest of the 1986 La Conseillante was marked by a climate that tempered the vines, resulting in grapes that achieved ripeness with an enviable equilibrium. The consequence was a wine that, even decades later, straddles the line between opulent fruitiness and refined tannic backbone with admirable grace. Investors with a keen palate and eye for longevity will appreciate how the well-drained soils of Pomerol conferred upon this wine an elegance that continues to unfold.


Investment-Worthy Maturation

Delving into the present state of the 1986 La Conseillante, we encounter a wine that has matured admirably. The intensity remains, enveloped in a mélange of blackcurrants and plums, while tertiary notes of truffle and cigar box reveal themselves with each sip. Such composure through maturation makes this vintage a splendid addition to any collection, promising to reward those who appreciate the intricacies of aged Bordeaux.

Investors should now heed the call of time, as well-managed cellaring bears its fruits in optimum drinkability; a narrative written over decades echoes through the 1986 La Conseillante – captivating, historical, and profoundly investable.


The Quintessence of Pomerol

For connoisseurs seeking to acquaint themselves with the quintessential expression of Pomerol's prowess from an era that set benchmarks for subsequent vintages, the 1986 La Conseillante is an eloquent chapter. It remains one of the standout performers from Chateau La Conseillante, embodying an intrinsic value that transcends beyond mere enjoyment into the realms of wise wine investment.

In summarising this notable wine's journey from vine to bottle to present day glory – beyond its eminent pedigree – it is without question that this particular edition of the 1986 La Conseillante represents a sophisticated nexus where history and potential converge, proffering an alluring prospect for both palatal pleasure and portfolio enhancement.

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Tasted at the château, the 1986 La Conseillante has never really shone in previous encounters. Certainly there is conspicuous bricking on the rim, perhaps more so than other wines of the vintage. The nose is actually not too bad, loose-knit with iron filings, dried blood and leather, a little animally. The palate is medium-bodied and fully mature. There is good weight and body, but it is clearly at the end of its plateau with dried blood and ferrous notes on the soft finish. Drink any bottles sooner rather than later or head for superior vintages, such as the 1985 or 1989. Tasted July 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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