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1999 La Conseillante

By Chateau La Conseillante

1999 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux wines, Pomerol stands sentinel as a district of mercurial charm and silky complexity. It is within this revered locale that the 1999 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante finds its roots, offering an enchanting illustration of both time and terroir. This year's yield is especially compelling for investors seeking levity amidst the often-heavier libations of the Bordeaux canon.


Vintage Virtuosity: A Time-Encapsulated Bijou

The 1999 vintage was a year that teetered on the whim of the seasons, where early impediments laid by frost were later supplanted by an auspiciously dry summer. The challenges transmuted into virtues under the astute stewardship of Chateau La Conseillante's vintners. Nurtured in the estate's prime parcels ensconced in the heartland of Pomerol, this vintage emerged with remarkable poise.

The 1999 La Conseillante strikes a consummate balance between ripeness and acuity—an essential quality for wines destined to grace the cellars of discerning investors. Its aromatic silhouette is characterised by the alluring interplay between truffle-infused dark fruits and a refined minerality—a signature elegance mirrored on the palate. With age, the wine unfurls harmoniously, revealing layers of complexity stitched with threads of savoury spice and supple tannins.


An Investment-worthy Inheritance from Pomerol

The 1999 La Conseillante articulates its distinctiveness through a vivacious structure and longevity that delight investors and collectors alike. It resides at an enviable intersection where scarcity meets maturation—imparting an air of exclusivity to those who have added it to their portfolios.

In summary, Chateau La Conseillante's 1999 La Conseillante offers a dioramic showcase of Pomerol's capability to produce compelling wines even in less-than-ideal vintages. Richly woven with the delicate artistry befitting its lineage, this vintage encapsulates a wise narrative captured within each bottle—an asset boasting potential for both palate pleasure and investment growth.

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The dark ruby-colored 1999 is a beautifully complex, evolved, seductive style of La Conseillante. The wine exhibits sweet black raspberry and cherry liqueur notes intermixed with cedar, toasty oak, licorice, new saddle leather, and dried herbs. It is medium-bodied with no hard edges, extremely pure, and almost sweet (from ripe fruit, not sugar). This is a lush, delicious La Conseillante that merits its reputation as "a Burgundy from Bordeaux." Anticipated maturity: now-2012.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2002

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