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2001 La Conseillante

By Chateau La Conseillante

2001 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux's finest offerings, the 2001 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante particularly shines as a beacon of Pomerol’s resilience and finesse. Despite close associations with more heralded vintages either side of it, this particular iteration remains an underrated gem, betraying a quieter excellence that demands recognition amongst astute collectors and investors.


Mark of Quality: The 2001 Vintage in Pomerol

The year 2001 was not without its climatic challenges; it was a year that separated the venerated properties from the mere contenders. Chateau La Conseillante's astute vineyard management culminated in a crop that deftly navigated the climatic maelstrom. The result is a wine evocative of both time and place – a Pomerol that sidesteps ostentation in favour of something infinitely more cerebral.


A Vintage Defined by Poise and Precision

Aligning with the character of the storied terroir, the 2001 vintage unfurls with an aromatic complexity – a tapestry woven from ripe, yet restrained notes of black cherry, truffle and a hint of violet. On the palate, it delivers a masterclass in balance: well-integrated tannins, harmonious acidity, and a medium body compose an experience both captivating and enduring. The liberally endowed plum notes and sumptuous mouthfeel lay foundation to a prolonged finish that speaks volumes to Chateau La Conseillante's admirable manipulation of merlot’s potential.

As I contemplate this vintage's unique standing within an investor’s portfolio, it strikes me that the 2001 La Conseillante presents as an exemplar of vinous prudence — a sage investment for those with patience and discernment. Its current performance in the bottle suggests a remarkable aging trajectory still unfurling.

In conclusion, the characterful 2001 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante merits its place among informed cellars. Woven seamlessly into its DNA is the quintessence of Pomerol – an essence both profound yet understated, ready to be unveiled by those who know where true value lies in fine wine investment.

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Always a Burgundian, feminine style of wine, La Conseillante’s 2001 exhibits aromas of plum and raspberry fruit as well as noticeable new oak in a medium-bodied, dark ruby/plum-colored format with excellent ripeness, but hard tannin in the finish. Although disjointed, it reveals signs of precociousness as well as some edginess and unintegrated tannin (the reason for the question mark). There is a lot going on in this elegant 2001, but it is not nearly as profound as the 2000. Nevertheless, it is the type of wine that may fool early tasters as it does need 2-3 years of cellaring. Anticipated maturity: 2007-2016.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2004

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