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2011 La Conseillante

By Chateau La Conseillante

2011 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The 2011 vintage from Chateau La Conseillante emerges as an ode to the complex narrative of Pomerol's climatic idiosyncrasies. In this particular year, Bordeaux grappled with scorching highs and damper intervals, creating a stage for La Conseillante to showcase the adroitness with which it can convey elegance in challenging vintages.


An Emblematic Wine with Investment-Worthy Poise

Notably, the 2011 La Conseillante captivates investors and connoisseurs alike with its investment-worthy poise. Timing was pivotal, as the exceptional team at Chateau La Conseillante exhibited prescient judgment in the harvest - resulting in grapes that retained both maturity and acidity, integral to the longevity and evolution of this wine.


A Discerning Testament to Pomerol Terroir

The dynamic season has instilled in the 2011 La Conseillante an intriguing complexity. The bouquet is redolent of ripe berries, anise, and a sublime truffle undertone — hallmarks of Pomerol excellence yet distinctly pronounced due to the year's thermal swings. On the palate, one descends into layers of plummy richness accented by a vivacious minerality that hints at the wine’s noble lineage. It presents a balance that dances on the knife-edge between power and finesse – a testament to both terroir and tenacious winemaking.

With a decade in bottle, this vintage now reveals a silken tannic structure that underpins its graceful ageing trajectory. It's a symphony where each sip culminates in an encore; persistent yet controlled.

In summation, the 2011 La Conseillante stands as a beacon for those who seek to augment their portfolios with a wine that exemplifies resilience and sophistication amidst climatic trials. A stellar vintage from an illustrious estate, it mirrors both the fleeting moments of nature’s impulsivity and the enduring character of Bordeaux winemaking.

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The quintessential elegant style of Pomerol, the 2011 La Conseillante offers copious aromas of raspberries, mulberries and spring flowers. Medium-bodied with pure fruit, seamlessly integrated tannin, acidity and wood, and a soft, velvety textured finish, this classic effort is ethereal in its elegance and precision. Drink it over the next 10-15 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2014

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