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2012 La Conseillante

By Chateau La Conseillante

2012 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The 2012 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante emerges as a testament to the resilience and grace of Pomerol terroir amidst a year that challenged Bordeaux's vintners with capricious weather patterns. The vintage's astute investors and collectors understand that behind every cloud-draped sky lies a silver lining; in this instance, the 2012 profile conjures up precisely that ruminative complexity.


A Tapestry Woven with Finesse and Structure

Deftly avoiding the climatic pitfalls that ensnared some of its contemporaries, the 2012 La Conseillante articulates the innate virtue of its prestigious origin. There's a vivacious ebb-and-flow tension in the glass, with dark fruits flirting with subtle tertiary notes - a hint of truffle, leather, and luxuriant earth, setting the stage for a wine with both immediate charm and capacity for further development.


Ripe Investment Potential: Patience Brews Quiet Confidence

An astute investment choice, the 2012 La Conseillante displays a surprising depth and elegance for the year. Investors savvy to the ways of Bordeaux will note how Pomerol's smaller estates often meticulously navigate challenging vintages. Indeed, therein lies opportunity – for as mature markets thirst for these finite offerings, securing cellar stocks of such nuanced vintages can prove most strategic.

The confident structure underpinning this wine suggests a patience-rewarding journey for collectors. Redolent with plum and savoury spice tones that meld seamlessly into silken tannins suggests that this is an investment bound to unfold beautifully in time.

In summary, amidst Pomerol’s long lineage of formidable vintages, the 2012 La Conseillante from Chateau La Conseillante surmounts expectation by distilling a year of climatic challenges into a vintage boasting stellar poise and subtle intricacies. A collectable piece for connoisseurs seeking out wines with both character and enduring potential – this remarkable 2012 vintage gently whispers of a bright future, quietly awaiting recognition as it ages gracefully within the discerning investor's cache.

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An absolutely amazing wine from the Nicolas family, this is from another estate in Pomerol that is pushing the envelope to higher and higher quality. The final blend has moved to smaller amounts of Cabernet Franc, now approximately 20%, with the balance 80% Merlot. Through crop-thinning, yields have been reduced to an average of 35 hectoliters per hectare. Inky bluish/purple color and stunning sweet tannins embrace a full-bodied opulent Pomerol with beautiful, floral-infused black raspberry, blueberry and cassis fruit. Full-bodied, yet elegant, this is a brilliant marriage between finesse and power. Stunningly pure, this wine can be drunk young or age magnificently for 20 or more years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2015

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