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1982 La Fleur Petrus

By Chateau La Fleur Petrus

The 1982 La Fleur Petrus from Chateau La Fleur Petrus, Pomerol, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux vintages, the celestial 1982 stands as a lodestar, and within that constellation, the 1982 La Fleur Petrus from Chateau La Fleur Petrus glistens with its own unique brilliance. This is a year that bestows upon wine investors and connoisseurs alike a treasure trove of vinous jewels. The confluence of favourable meteorological rhythms graced Pomerol's terroir; an early, swift flowering followed by a blistering summer and timely rains in September set the stage for harvests replete with perfectly ripe berries.


Decadence Defined: A Vintage with Investment Acumen

The 1982 vintage of La Fleur Petrus encapsulates the epitome of Pomerol elegance matched with considerable heft – a balance seldom achieved at such heights. Its composition – mostly Merlot with a smattering of Cabernet Franc – thrived in that year's climatic serendipity, bestowing upon the wine an aromatic profile laced with dark plums, black cherries, and an enthralling truffle undertone. The vinification and élevage attentively upheld the exuberant fruit while ornamenting it with poised tannins and seamlessly integrated oak whispers.


A Legacy Tempered in Oak and Time

Time has been benevolent to the 1982 La Fleur Petrus. In its maturity, the wine has developed a tapestry of complexity—leather brushes against fig, cedar mingles with softened spice—imparting depth to its already harmonious structure. Today, it represents not only a pinnacle of the winemaker's craftsmanship but also an astute addition to any investment portfolio.

In the grand library of Bordeaux vintages, the 1982 from Chateau La Fleur Petrus is one volume that commands attention. Positioned delicately between potency and grace, it is a testament to the transformative power of Pomerol’s terroir. It echoes the sentiment that in the communion of nature and nurture lies the potential for transcendence—a potential fully realised in this exquisite vintage.

For those seeking to embellish their wine cellar or amplify their investment collection with an esteemed vintage that continues to captivate and appreciate, the 1982 La Fleur Petrus stands as one of the most compelling choices—a choice that marries passion with wisdom, hedonism with foresight.

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Tasted at Pebbles/Zachy's 1982 dinner in Hong Kong. It is many years since I have encountered the La Fleur-Petrus 1982. Here it has a gorgeous bouquet of mulberry, sous-bois, salted liquorice and black truffle and later with time more tertiary aromas that usurp the fruit. The palate is actually superior to the nose with outstanding intensity and yet at the same time, so elegant and refined. There is a touch of piquancy towards the finish that does not quite have the length of the top tier Pomerol wines, but it is still a little beauty. Tasted November 2012.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2013


Very inconsistent in over a dozen tastings, this wine has never fully lived up to the expectations I had for it prior to bottling. This was a period when Christian Moueix and his conservative oenologist Jean-Claude Berrouet were, in my opinion, doing entirely too much fining and filtration, often killing much of the texture and flavor in too many wines that tasted great out of cask. Obviously things changed, but we still have great vintages like this that are perplexing and not what they should be. The wine still shows a nice plum, mulberry, herbaceous, coffee-scented nose with some cedar and spice box. In the mouth, it is medium-bodied with surprising acidity and moderate tannin. The finish is a bit short. After tasting through much of a case, and never seeing the wine live up to my expectations, I am convinced now this wine is in decline, somewhat unusual for a well-stored 1982. Anticipated maturity: Drink up. Last tasted, 11/02.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 2002

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