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2013 La Fleur Petrus

By Chateau La Fleur Petrus

2013 La Fleur Petrus from Château La Fleur Petrus, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The 2013 vintage in Pomerol presents a narrative of resilience and meticulous craftsmanship by the vignerons at Château La Fleur Petrus. Amidst challenges posed by climatic fickleness, their laudable efforts to sculpt a wine that resonates with the estate's signature finesse were not merely accomplished; they were mastered with aplomb.


Finesse in the Face of Adversity

The challenging weather conditions of 2013, with its late flowering and uneven ripening, cast an ominous shadow over Bordeaux's prospects. Yet, this vintage of La Fleur Petrus bridges the chasm between climatic tribulation and skilled viticulture. Under such circumstances, only a meticulous selection process and expert vinification could give birth to a wine so astutely balanced.


A Tapestry of Terroir

On uncorking the La Fleur Petrus, one is greeted by an opulent bouquet, offering hints of dark cherry and truffle—a testament to its noble origins in Pomerol's iron-rich clay and gravel beds. The palate reveals layers of complexity; ripe black fruits intertwine with earthy undertones and a touchstone of oak influence, creating a beautifully structured composition accentuated by soft tannins and a commendable length.

The relatively cooler conditions have imparted an acidity which threads through the palate with precision, bestowing the 2013 La Fleur Petrus with a freshness that counterbalances its depth and concentration. This iconoclastic vintage harmoniously converges fruit maturity with acid linearity to deliver potential longevity—qualities highly regarded by fine wine investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with astute picks.


An Investment Worthy of Patience

Gracing cellars now, or even better, kept for years hence, the La Fleur Petrus champions the audacity and expertise at Château La Fleur Petrus. As this vintage gracefully matures, it will no doubt reveal further secrets held tightly within its youthful folds. Truly an insightful acquisition for collectors forecasting appreciation in complexity and value.

The 2013 La Fleur Petrus from Château La Fleur Petrus manifests as a compelling chapter in Pomerol's anthology, demonstrating that even in less than idyllic years, virtuosity can emerge under vigilant eyes. Those seeking investment wisdom will find it beneath this cork—an example par excellence of Bordeaux's time-honoured tradition adapting elegantly to Mother Nature's whims.

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The 2013 La Fleur Petrus is a blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc and offers a more enticing bouquet than the Latour-à-Pomerol at this early stage, more depth of fruit on the nose thanks to that pure Merlot: small red cherries, crushed strawberry and just a hint of iodine. The palate is sweet on the entry with crushed red berries, sea salt, bay leaf and a pinch of black pepper. This is well balanced and with more rondeur than the comparatively masculine Latour-à-Pomerol, suave on the finish even if it does not bestow the same complexity as other vintages from this Pomerol estate. Give it just another year in bottle and then it should give 12-15 years drinking pleasure, possibly more.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016


Now La Fleur-Petrus has swallowed Chateau Guillot, I thought it pertinent to ask Edouard Moueix exactly how it is contributing to the blend. Edouard told me that around 75% of its vines are currently being blended into La Fleur Petrus, but that the vines surrounding the house suffered severe millerandage and was not used. The La Fleur-Petrus has an elegant bouquet with cranberry, crushed strawberry and mineral tones. It is a little more flamboyant than the Latour-a-Pomerol and yet it never "lets go" completely. The palate is medium-bodied with grainy tannins, a fine line of acidity and a lovely spiciness towards the slightly austere finish. With good structure, this classic Pomerol should give pleasure over the next 10 to 15 years. Tasted April 2014.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal


Only 2,000 cases will be produced from the tiny 2013 crop at La Fleur Petrus, an estate that the Moueix family is making every effort to elevate (in price and quality) next to such properties as Petrus, Lafleur, La Conseillante, l'Evangile and Vieux Chateau Certan. The 2013 La Fleur Petrus- attractive dark ruby/plum color is followed by sweet cassis, kirsch, raspberry, dusty, loamy soil and tobacco leaf aromas. Medium-bodied with adequate acidity and sweet tannin, this attractive, elegant, purely made Pomerol can be enjoyed over the next 10-12 years.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #214 Aug 2014

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