Domaine Leroy   Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

1997 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

By Domaine Leroy

1997 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The 1997 vintage in Burgundy often falls into the shadows of its more illustrious neighbouring years; however, to overlook the wines it produced, notably the 1997 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy, would be to miss a remarkable expression of Pinot Noir vitality and elegance. Under the masterful hand of Lalou Bize-Leroy, this particular vintage stands as an exemplar of a nuanced and captivating terroir-driven experience.


Finding Harmony in a Challenging Season

The growing year of 1997 in Burgundy presented itself as capricious, marked initially by frosts that touched upon the tender buds with destructive fingers. Yet, what followed was a season characterised by bouts of warmth and climatic kindness that resulted in crops achieving ripeness with commendable poise. As ever with Domaine Leroy, the relentless pursuit of organic and biodynamic principles paid dividends, endowing the 1997 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots with an authentic reflection of both its esteemed provenance and the unique challenges this growing season presented.


A Testament to Time's Unyielding Dance

Tasting this wine today reveals an alluring dance between maturity and enduring vibrancy. The bouquet offers a symphony of dried cherries, undergrowth, and a potpourri of autumnal spices that segue eloquently onto a palate still gilded with lively red fruit flavours. Tertiary notes such as fine leather and forest floor add layers of complexity, grounded by a structure that shows no sign of abdicating its regal posture any time soon.

The harmonious integration of acid and tannins gifts investors with an intricate textural interplay that mirrors the financial stability sought after in the realm of fine wine investments. Savvy enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the 1997 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy for its graceful ageing trajectory and investment-worthy stature within a fluctuating market.

In summary, this vintage brings to bear all the deftness expected from Domaine Leroy's storied grounds: terroir expressiveness, graceful maturation, and an intricate narration of the drama played out in 1997's climatic theatre. The investment appeal here is apparent; not only a storied bottle but one which continues to unfurl its tale with each passing season.

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Fresh coffee beans can be found in the medium to dark ruby-colored 1997 Nuits-St.-Georges aux Boudots' aromatics. This muscular, medium to full-bodied, and dense offering is highly concentrated, firm, and velvety-textured. Layer upon layer of fresh herb-tinged, dark fruits are found in this highly expressive, yet foursquare offering. Drink it between 2002-2010. Importers: Martine's Wines, Inc., San Rafael, CA; tel (415) 485-1800, and Paterno Imports, Chicago, IL; tel (847) 604-8900.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 1999

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