Domaine Leroy   Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

2009 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

By Domaine Leroy

2009 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots, from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

Embarking upon the 2009 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy is an odyssey into the exceptional terroir of Burgundy; one that offers the fine wine investor not merely a bottle, but a slice of enological history. The exquisite nature of this offering arises elegantly from the harmonious interplay between its vintage and provenance.


A Vintage Shaped by Nature

The year 2009 bestowed a particular kind of grace upon Burgundy's vineyards, a year when the heavens and the earth conspired to gift winemakers with excellent growing conditions. Laden with depth and complexity, the vintage charts a narrative of warm days and cool nights, the crucial diurnal range sculpting the fruit's profile with the precision of a master jeweller.

It is against this backdrop that Domaine Leroy cultivated the Nuits St Georges aux Boudots. The ensuing wine is emblematic of the 2009 vintage—a cornucopia of ripe berries harmonised with a dignified acidity that teases out whispers of cherry, blackcurrant, and delicate floral undertones—without forsaking that distinctive minerality beloved by connoisseurs of Burgundian terroir.


An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Domaine Leroy's unwavering commitment to low yields and unrelenting quality control transformed this favourable season into a wine of irrefutable excellence. As one would expect from their high-calibre viticulture practices, each bottle is an earnest exposition of both time and place.

An intertwined experience for both palate and intellect, this formidable Nuits St Georges aux Boudots travels seamlessly from opulent fruit to haunting spice—notes of licorice and earth elegantly tailoring the finish. Investors should note that ten years on, this vintage not only reveals its pedigree in the glass but also demonstrates considerable aging potential—a paramount consideration for those looking to enhance their investment portfolio with wines boasting assured longevity.

In summary, when one uncorks a bottle of the 2009 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy, what pours forth is something more valuable than wine alone; it is a consummate expression of a remarkable vintage's virtues—a veritable treasure for aficionados and investors alike.

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The 2009 Nuits St. Georges Aux Boudots is a big, explosive wine endowed with considerable textural depth and power. Endless waves of flavor wrap around the palate in this extroverted Burgundy. Despite the wine’s size, it also has more than enough polish and class to balance some of its more overt tendencies. Black cherries, smoke, spices and asphalt are some of the nuances that add complexity to the long finish. Anticipated maturity: 2019-2039. This was my first opportunity to taste the 2009s from Domaine Leroy in bottle. Lalou Bize-Leroy was among the first, if not the first, to bottle her 2009s, so she naturally wanted to give the wines some time to recover before showing them. The wines are stunning. Readers who have an opportunity to taste them should not hesitate. As always, the style is one of textural richness and depth, but the2009s appear to have excellent underlying material as well. The attention to every detail at the Domaine is quite evident in these thrilling wines. My visit ended with a sample of the 2010 Chambertin from barrel. Why not go straight to the top? If that wine is representative of the year, Leroy fans will have another superb vintage to look forward to, although yields will be lower than the already minuscule production. Importer: Martine’s Wines. Novato, CA; tel. (415) 883-040

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 29 September 2011

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