Domaine Leroy   Romanee Saint Vivant Grand Cru

1996 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru

By Domaine Leroy

1996 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The esteemed 1996 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy is a testament to the exceptionalism of Burgundy's terroir and the deft hand of Lalou Bize-Leroy. In an era where vintage variation speaks volumes, the 1996 stands distinct amongst its brethren for its poise and finesse.


A Vintage to Remember: The Splendour of '96

A particularly noteworthy year, 1996 was graced with a harmonious climate that culminated in a magnificent autumn, enabling the Pinot Noir grapes to reach optimal maturation. The idyllic conditions bestowed upon this vintage a balance rarely witnessed, one that has emerged gracefully through time as it approached its plateau of maturity.


A Dialogue Between Earth and Vine

The rich clays and limestones of the Romanee-Saint-Vivant terroir articulate themselves eloquently in the '96 vintage. What strikes the palate immediately are the sumptuous layers of macerated cherries and aged leather, anchored by an undercurrent of subtle tannins and fresh acidity—a marriage suggestive of both vigour and elegance.

As it opens up, there's an ensemble of truffle and violets, dancing amidst hints of cedarwood. The length is impressive; it resonates with a persistence that affirms why Domaine Leroy is whispered in circles as one of the paragons of fine winemaking.


An Exemplary Candidate for Investment

For those investing in fine wines, Domaine Leroy's offerings are impeccable choices. The 1996 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru holds particular allure; its impeccable provenance and limited production solidify its appeal. As it strides confidently through the years, maintaining its integrity and complexity, this vintage is set to remain a jewel in any discerning investor's collection.

In closing, to indulge in the 1996 Romanee-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy is to partake in a vinous symphony where every note is attuned to perfection. Its presence in any portfolio is an eloquent statement of taste and an enduring testament to Burgundy’s timeless allure.

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Tasted blind in Hong Kong, the Romanée-Saint-Vivant 1996 from Domaine Leroy was actually a last minute substitute donated by a generous guest following a string of corked wines. It is an absolutely stunning wine that transfixed everyone before we knew its identity (and here, I must confess that I suggested it was Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.) It's actually better than that. It has a heavenly bouquet of black cherries, cold limestone and wilted flower petals that you could just sit back and inhale all day. The palate is exquisitely balanced with filigree tannin, extremely pure and refined with astonishing tension and precision from start to finish. It's the vinous equivalent of watching "Swan Lake."

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2015

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