Domaine Meo Camuzet   Richebourg

2013 Richebourg

By Domaine Meo-Camuzet

2013 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet, Burgundy, France

The 2013 vintage in Burgundy was one which truly tested the mettle and precision of its vintners. Among the appellations gracing this historic wine region, Richebourg stood resilient, a testament to the adaptability of this noble terroir amidst challenging climatic conditions. The 2013 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet is an eloquent narrative of that year's climatic struggle, showcasing a triumph that only Burgundy connoisseurs can fully appreciate.


Vintage Character: A Symphony of Complexity and Elegance

Domaine Meo-Camuzet, a bastion of traditional wine-making excellence, employed their mastery to coax out a remarkable equilibrium in the 2013 Richebourg. The growing season's late start and erratic weather converged into a vintage that was both late-ripening and immensely nuanced. The resulting wine speaks of intimate knowledge of vineyard and craft; it cradles the legacy of Richebourg with due reverence.


The Investment Calibre of 2013 Richebourg

For investors seeking out singular vintages that stand apart from the archetype, 2013 presents an intriguing opportunity. Against its more illustrious brethren from previous years, the 2013 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet offers a rarer narrative—one punctuated by restrained yields which **translate** into concentrated flavours and ageing potential. It signifies a discerning addition for collectors who prize uniqueness alongside pedigree.

This vintage exudes a firm structure with a diaphanous cloak of soft tannins enfolding rich layers of dark fruit and hints of earthy truffle undertones – an arresting contrast against its lithe minerality. As it evolves in the glass, each sip unfolds like chapters in a novella, revealing subtle spice nuances and an enduring finish.

Insightful investors know that such vintages are precious touchstones in the tapestry of fine wine history. The 2013 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet, with its balance of immediate charm and long-term promise, asserts itself as one such gem – poised gracefully on the threshold between maturation and investment prime.

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The 2013 Richebourg Grand Cru has a very expressive bouquet, perhaps more so than the Cros Parantoux at this primordial stage: a mixture of red and black fruit, bay and Earl Grey, later accompanied by rose-petal aromas. The palate is medium-bodied with fleshy ripe red berry fruit intermingling with mint and sage, gradually building to a suave, minerally finish. This is an excellent Richebourg for the vintage, although I would be hedging my bets on the Cros Parantoux this year.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2014

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